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I got a Flickr!!!

DnD is AWESOME!!!I’ve got a Flickr Now!

I need contacts to follow and folks to follow me. I’ve got up pictures of vacations, and MayoWare crafts, and DnD games and some stuff for my incoming Ball Jointed Doll, since, apparently the Flicker Community is just absolutely full of BJDers… so yes… Flickr! I have it… check out my Photostream!!!


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Disney World Trip Report – Day 3

You know the deal, cut for length…

Chef Mickey’s

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Disney World Trip Report – Day 2

Backposted Once Again, and Slice N Diced for Extreme Length!

Arriving at the Magic Kingdom

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Disney World Trip Report – Day 1

Backposted because who the hell has time to blog at DISNEYWORLD!?!!??!ONE!?!?!?!??!!

Cut in separate sections for LENGTH!!! So very long…

The Flight Down

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On the Road Again… Again…

Well here we are on our way to yet another Thanksgiving in New Jersey. Somehow this time of year, when I’m in the car, and I don’t have any bloody access to a connection is when I most want to blog. Probably because there’s nothing better to do when your in the back seat of a car on a 3 hour trip.

The minivan is no more… after several years of great stories about that crazy zany minivan, it’s kaput, and has since been replaced by a 2002 Honda Accord. So now the 4 of us are crammed in a bit tighter but certainly not nearly as tight as some pore people probably are. I mean there’s only 4 of us and the car ostensibly seats 5. Though if you count the dog, sitting on the seat between my brother and I… we’ve got a full 5. On the plus side this car’s got a cd player, that holds several cds. Papa’s braught a cd, that seems to feature that “When you love a woman,” song, in Spanish. He’s serenading mom in the front seat, because he thinks I can’t hear him. I’ve got my headphones on… but nothings playing on em.

Also this year I get to share the computer power source with my kid brother, who’s got his own computer over there… luckily both of us have decent batteries (ever since I traded Lyta for Catilina,) so we can alternate use of the power source. Lyta’s in the trunk incidentally as my father decided to bring her along. Apparently the computer’s name shows up in Civilization 4, so he’s noticed that I formatted her with that as her actual computer name. *Higgles.*

We have 8 computers in our family, not counting th T-30 my mom has custody of, which actually belongs to RPI. There’s Lyta, (another IBM Thinkpad T-30) Catilina and my brother’s unnamed computer, (both Thinkpad model T43p) The Pentuim 4 Desktop, the Pentuim 2 Desktop, the Pentuim 1 Desktop, the 486 and the 286. But only in recent years have things started flowing backwards… the desktops were all Papa’s before they became playthings for my brother and I as he got newer shineier things (I still remember being a little kid jealous of him on the 486, cause it ran windows and the 286 only ran DOS, and I had only just learned to read, so DOS was a pain.) But as of the latest, Papa got Lyta while I got a Shineier Laptop, and later on, Papa will get Rickey’s T43p while he gets a shinier compuer… though actually I think the Pentuim 4 Desktop Papa got round the same time I got Lyta, would kick Lyta’s butt, especially as a gaming platform.

Why am I talking about computers while I’m on my way to Thanksgiving you ask? Because it struck me that there are 3 computers in this car alone. We are supremely lucky people to be able to cruise down the highway computing our butts off. (Though Lyta’s in the trunk, and my brother seems to have relegated his to an oversized MP3 Player. Heaven forbid he’s to far from his subscription to Ruckus.)

On that note, I’m off into another window to play some games.


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