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In with the New, Out with the… Also New

The Toybox is Full! Mr. Teddy Bear Cars and Trucks! And Barrettes BLOCKS!!! Chutes and Ladders Big Box of Stuff to Get Rid Of...

So yes… It’s been a while since I actually photoed the new things Kenzie’s got for “Kenzie’s Collection” so here we are… just from my personal property she got a couple Micro Machines, and I picked up some barrettes for her at the supermarket that are supercute. She’s had those for a while now, but I never bothered to photo them.

Mr. Teddy BearThen she got a bear. Mr. Bear is super adorable and super well made, and I mentioned before that I was getting him from Etsy Seller All4Blythe. I cannot recommend her bears enough. This little man is darling, and he just steals the show, even from Kenzie on occasion. My relatives were all so cuted out by him when he came with Kenzie and I for Thanksgiving. So all you all go check out All4Blythe for PukiFee sized jointed stuffed Bears, Bunnies, Etc.

After that I went on a little spree on the internet, and got her a Dumptruck, some Wooden Alphabet Blocks, and a game of Chutes and Ladders. They’re all freaking adorable.  The Blocks are from a craft supplier and The Dump Truck and the Board Game are Keychains for the Win!!!!

Blocks!!!! I’m selling off 60 of the blocks that I don’t want at $3 for 15. Kenzie doesn’t need more than 30, and they came as a group of 90. Also on the block is a Little Tykes Dollhouse Easel that came with Kenzie’s other Little Tykes Furniture, but which I also don’t want. That’s also $3.

Melody PushI have 3 other Tonka Trucks, I’m also looking to offload, as well as a Melody Push Keychain that came with Kenzie’s Popper and Ring Stacker. All are new in the packaging and I can’t put any of them on DOA because Keychains are disallowed, but if you contact me, I’m selling each Keychain at $5 a piece, plus shipping… shipping may be a little higher for the Tonka Trucks than the Melody Push. They’re real die cast metal, and therefore a little on the heavy side for something that small. Drop me a line if you want one of them!!!


Addendum: Only Two Pack of the Blocks and the Melody Push (pictured above) remain!!!

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Kenzie’s First Thanksgiving!!!

Kenzie's Thanksgiving After Dinner Bear Goes for a Ride The Parade is on!!! Ring Payload Car in the Flatbed?

Happy Thanksgiving all!!! I hope it was a great day for all of you!

Of course I watched the Parade this morning, and LiveTweeted with folks on the #MacysParade tag. Well the first part is an of course… the Tweeting isn’t in any way an of course… but that is what I was up to. Meanwhile I whipped up a Cheddar Spinach Bake to bring to the dinner, and just basically chilled.

So my Jake and Mackenzie and I had a nice time at my parents house, saw the maternal extended family, had appetizers, and then a full sized Thanksgiving meal, complete with the great plate shuffle, because really… who can reach all the side dishes? No one. Table’s too long. I love the great plate shuffle… it’s very Italian. I’m only 1/8th Italian, but the loud multi-conversations and chaos that is an Italian meal has totally stuck with that side of the family. But if you have one I don’t need to explain it to you, and if you’ve never had one… I can’t… it’s just… lots of plates going round, and people having 6 conversations at once. “Who’s plate is this? Oh yours? Did you want Turnips?” “No that plate is mine… and I didn’t want yams!” “Where did the serving spoon for the mushrooms go?”

Right… and the meal was delicious. I had a Drumstick with gravy and cranberry, two servings of Mushrooms, and three of Green Bean Casserole, and Spinach Bake. I love Thanksgiving!

Then we all chilled out to watch the Macy’s Parade on DVR, Mackenzie came to the livingroom to play… and I took some adorable pictures… see the above and click thru to the Flickr feed for the others. My cousins were intruged by her, and my Grandmother and Aunt saw her for the first time. I had her wig on and off at least three times, demonstrating how her eyes are accessed and explaining that she arrived naked and bald, and with points on her ears that I filed off. Also… the girl needs panties if she’s going to keep wearing dresses.

So yeah… Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and that you’re well and properly stuffed with Turkey and other vittles! Barriguita Llena, Corazon Contento! (Full Tummy! Happy Heart!)


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Nubanded arrives just in time for Halloween!

Nubanded Shirt, Hat Nubanded Shirt, Hat Nubanded Outfit, Socks Nubanded Dress Nubanded Boots, Leggings Nubanded Shirt, Leggings

So yesterday, when I got home from work, what was waiting for me but my order from Nubanded!!! I didn’t get into most of it until today, since I had fairly little time between coming home and when I had to go back out again to Lew’s Halloween Party, but I did open it up to get out Kenzie’s Halloween outfit which just looked absolutely adorable on her!!!

I was fairly sure I wasn’t going to have her Halloween outfit in time since package tracking was still saying it was being dealt with by “origin Post” i.e. the Thai postal service, and was therefore still overseas, but I guess they must have lost track of it crossing the ocean because it got here without ever leaving Thailand according to package tracking.

The outfits are all delightful, and she sent me a free pair of leggings… the shirts are a slightly odd cut, all of them a little bell shaped, and the decals slightly stiff and prone to crackage, like the ones you used to see on Barbie T-Shirts back in the 90s, but I love the way they look on and the boots I ordered are just what the doctor ordered!!! Check out the details by clicking on the Flicker pictures above… or these ones below from Kenzie at the Halloween Party!!!

Spoooooky Girl! Jack-O-Lantern Up on the bookshelf Trying to be frightening... In the Candelabra Halloween Buddies

Also the other day, I decided that the girl needs herself a teddy bear. So I went looking about and I found this great bear. Now the name is All4Blythe, but the bears and such she makes are in the 3 inch high range, and so will work well for Kenzie and any other Pukifee character that’s meant to be a little kid in a LittleFee scaled world.


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DollB Stuff is Here!!!

DollB Jeans DollB Green Jeans DollB Shoes DollB Shoes DollB Dress and Shoes DollB Shoes

The things I ordered from DollB got here today! I was so excited to see that they were here on package tracking, only to get home and find a certified mail slip. They missed me!!! But then I remembered that with this job, I get out in time to hit up the post office for my package before it closes!

So I grabbed my keys and set off without so much as my coat and ran up to the post office and got my package!

I cannot glow enough about these items. The shoes are all unimaginably cute and the jeans are adorable with their little working pockets and their snap flies. I only wish I could have got some blue ones, but they’re sold clean out. The dress is just darling and I even like the headband, which I wasn’t really sure about… it comes with the dress. I thought if I didn’t like it I’d just ditch it on the marketplace. Surely someone would want it… but… I think _I_ want it!

I’m thrilled with the little micro velcro closures on the white mary janes and blue butterfly shoes, but I must admit to some misgivings about the button closures on the black mary janes and red ones… I worry that the little button hole in the strap is going to tear in time.

Check out the details by clicking on the Flicker pictures above!!!


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Family Photos with Kenzie

Ok... I'm bored now... Oh... what's this? I'll take that... Awww... it's past her bed time. Being Good Is it Pretty?

So now that my little girl has her properly modded ears, I can share photos!!! Honestly all three of these shoots had been done before her ears, but then I did them over again. The first is a re-shoot of Kenzie with her toys like the pictures in her box opening, then her expedition to my DnD game, and lastly her attempts to craft with me while I was working on MayoWare. I didn’t blog the original versions, which is all well and good because besides the box opening ones, I didn’t actually leave any of them in my Flickr Stream. I deleted them because they had teh pointy ears. Also… the DnD ones were originally taken with my Droid. The new ones are all with my camera, as well they should be.

Click Over to the Set for all the Cuteness!!!


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