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A Very Useful Treasury

So, I’ve recently been prescribed a medication which I have to take only under very specific circumstances… and I thought, there’s probably a lot of these sorts of things, or other reasons someone would need to carry only one small pill, and not a full bottle, like birth control, or anxiety meds, or one of those pills you take before eating dairy if you’re lactose intolerant. Soooo… I found a bunch of these cute lockets that work really well for that!

I’m really starting to have a lot of fun with the idea of treasuries. Even if the ones I make are never going to make the front page (the items are super similar, and I put in more than one item from folks who have more than one that are really nice.) I think I really must make more of these…


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Spampy Stuff!!!! (And a Sweater)

Spampy Spampy Spampy Onesie Spampy Onesie Spampy Footie Pajamas Maisedoats Sweater

So… this is going to be the last review of doll stuff for a while, since Kenzie is getting cut off until she earns me some money back, and then enough to buy her LittleFee sister, which does mean that I’ll be launching a line of “MayoWare for BJD” which will include hair accessories and such. Yes.

But my stuff from Spampy came in and… Spampy is le Awesome. She was able to work with me on all my requests, including PukiFee sized onesies (based on her usual Nappy Choo sized ones) and a lovely set of Pukifee sized footie PJs that Kenzie just looks sooooooooo adorable in!!! I also got a bunch of hosiery: socks, underwear and tights. In the fashion of many of the awesome Etsians, she threw in a few freebies. One free pair of socks, and one free pair of tights. I’m thrilled.

Spampy rocks.

I’ve also got this cute sweater.  Maisedoats‘ knit is steady and properly scaled, and the buttons really work, plus she tossed in a really cute barrette. I definitely recommend her. I’ll be hitting her up for some other sweaters in the future, like… when I have money again.

Interestingly, both, Maisedoats and Spampy, when asked for “blue” clothing, provided the same shade, meaning this sweater goes very well with the blue socks I requested, despite both items being not the shade I had in mind initially. It’s a great coincidence, and I love them together.

I’m going to miss getting in new things for Kenzie… but… well that’s pretty much it for now, because yeah. Doll stuff is expensive!


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Etsy Indulgances

So I mentioned when I started reviewing Etsy purchases, that I was going to go back and give proper credit to some of my favorite old purchases… most of them I’ve sorted into some categories, and are awaiting a few more purchases that fit those categories before the reviews will be written, but today we’re going to go thru some of the outlayers… little indulgences I didn’t get because of gaming, or a certain geek motif I was looking to fill or any such thing…. things which are just plain awesome.

So first up is a Christmas gift I got, which is apparently from the same crafter as a gift I GAVE someone else! We’ve got  Fused Elegance, run by the same crafter as Lin’s Geekery, and also selling Fused Glass creations like the awesome Metriod pendant I gave to my friend, only… not geeky. I have to say this wing isn’t even done justice by the photos. I strung it on my favorite chain, around my neck at the moment, though it’s still going to have to share that chain with several other pendants that I happen to own.

I’ll stop for a moment to pimp the Amazon Universal Wishlist function… that’s how I got this glorious little slice of butterfly love. You can in fact put items on your Amazon Wishlist from Etsy.

The next Etsy purchase I’d like to highlight is my dragonhide gauntlets from Crystalsidyll. I actually have two pair of these, the ones pictured are my “House Gauntlets.” They’re custom in black with blue details and black knit, and they are contrary to appearances extremely COZY. The knit is thick and warm and hugs the hands, and the weight of the scales adds a little extra illusory warmth to them, like a thick cozy blanket… while still leaving the palms thin enough to easily use a keyboard or perform other detailed tasks. I’m wearing mine now!

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Workin, Workin, Workin…

So I’m spending my Martin Luther King holiday clearing out the MayoWare orders queue, and working on the blog.

I got myself quite a little backlog here due to the lack of packing and shipping materials products on Saturday, and the fact that I said “aw screw it” on Sunday since… no Monday mail. I’ll be packing up and addressing everything that’s waiting, to go tomorrow morning when mail service resumes, and hopefully still have time to do some of the improved photography I want to do on some of the older designs before making any newer designs to photograph.

I’ve got in these new Industrial Barbells for expanding the product line, but unfortunately it seems that I may have bought them too long. I’ve put up a poll on the Facebook page and I’d really appreciate any input I can get on what the most common Industrial Barbell lengths are because I may need to re-order those before it becomes plausible to expand into industrials. This is what I get for moving into an area where I do not have the requisite piercing, and therefore the existing knowledge of what findings I’ll need. So if you have an industrial, please head over to the Facebook Page and weigh in on the poll.

Blogwise I’ve managed to install a menu at the top that I’m kind of pleased with in lieu of the categories cloud that used to be on the bottom by the tags cloud. I’ve also embedded the Litterbox ICG font, which gives me more latitude with my stylistic choices, but I haven’t managed to figure out how to center the Widget Titles, or get the Tag Cloud to display in Litterbox. It’s getting frustrating so I’ll come back to that later. I’m re-arranging some of the tags into sub-categories instead of tags for a little ease of navigation, particularly as relates to the Liveblogging the Tabletop Games project, because… it’s really a frequent cause of posting.

Also I’ve removed the old plugin I was using for Facebook, Goggle+ and Twitter, because it required me to leave in annoying buttons for Reddit and Digg and StumbleUpon, and replaced it with a much sleeker code, and, just to sweeten the pot, installed some meta-data which should force the Facebook “Like” button to use an image other than the top banner which comes out screwy on Facebook… I won’t know if it worked till I try and like this myself!!!


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Wiimote Makeovers!!!

Wiimotes are awesome, but they can be even more awesome than they are by default, with the right customization. I’m sure for many gamers, the aesthetics are not important so I’m going to start with the Nyko Charge Station… it’s made of awsome. They come in white and in black, and in two or four. I recently upgraded from the two to the four, and will be selling my two on eBay, with two of the new batteries from the four.

You can get extra batteries and backs in several rubber colors, separately. Below you can see my backs, including the solid black you can only get with the black charge station which is hella annoying, because what if you only have one black mote?

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