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So Um… This is a Thing that Happened…

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On the Horizon

So I get my blog back up and running and then promptly become ill with the head cold/sinus infection of absolute doom. Then I spend another two weeks after that working to recover financially from the whole… no sick days, thing.

And now I’m back! So… what’s up on the Horizon in the Mayoverse?

Firstly I have a Tumblr now. Mostly I got it so I could follow some great folks over there, like “The Avengers Shouldn’t Text” and Zinnia Jones. I’ll be reblogging and microblogging over there, things like “Oh look at this article I found” and stuff like that. If I have more to say about it than that, it will still be here. Tumbler will be feeding to my Twitter as well, so if you’re already following me there, there’s no real need to follow Tumbler as well.

Secondly, I’m looking forward to an October First Re-Opening for MayoWare, for the Holiday Season. I’m planning to stay open October-November, and then close again for the month of December to ensure all orders arrive in time for the Holidays. I’ll be releasing at least two new designs I have in my head. A Holly Berry Stud drop using red Swavorski Pearls, and a counterpoint to my current tiara “O Tannenbaum” which is red with silver wire and green crystal… which I still need to name. I’ll be tossing up a few more red and greens, including at least one full ear cuff, and then if I have time some more non-holiday themed ones that would still make great gifts, and maybe a holiday headband or two to kickstart the BJD Botique section of the shop. I have the materials I just really need to get on it.

And Thirdly, you may have been following our tabletop escapades being Liveblogged. We will no longer be liveblogging Strife’s game “Will To Power” as it’s slated to be released as the second project from Seref Games, which we’re forming to write publish and sell RPGs based on Strife’s homebrew system. We’ll be starting with a Fantasy game “Pyron” which I’m very excited about, but also won’t be liveblogging, because reasons.

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My Blog Is Back

And it’s better than ever!!!

GoDaddy’s suckitude will not stop the beat. So yes, here I am blogging once again, you can read back over some of the things I wrote while I didn’t have access, as they’re going up dated between May 19th, when everything went to crap, and this post, when I finally got things back online.

So yesh!!! Here I am, and here I resume blogging!!!


It’s come to my attention that this looks… strange in IE6. Come on people… use a different browser. Ew.


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GoDaddy Sucks

That is all.

Ok… maybe not all. So what’s happened here (if you can see this today, you are freaking amazing, by the way) is that my domain has expired in the middle of an attempt to transfer registrars because GoDaddy really, really doesn’t want me to leave for Name.com.

So yeah, I’m going to keep blogging, just a little, via the ip, if any of you can see this, great, if not, at least there won’t be a giant gap in my blog when I get back to blogging after I get my freaking domain registered, but also hopefully not so much here that when it comes back up no one can catch up.



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Workin, Workin, Workin…

So I’m spending my Martin Luther King holiday clearing out the MayoWare orders queue, and working on the blog.

I got myself quite a little backlog here due to the lack of packing and shipping materials products on Saturday, and the fact that I said “aw screw it” on Sunday since… no Monday mail. I’ll be packing up and addressing everything that’s waiting, to go tomorrow morning when mail service resumes, and hopefully still have time to do some of the improved photography I want to do on some of the older designs before making any newer designs to photograph.

I’ve got in these new Industrial Barbells for expanding the product line, but unfortunately it seems that I may have bought them too long. I’ve put up a poll on the Facebook page and I’d really appreciate any input I can get on what the most common Industrial Barbell lengths are because I may need to re-order those before it becomes plausible to expand into industrials. This is what I get for moving into an area where I do not have the requisite piercing, and therefore the existing knowledge of what findings I’ll need. So if you have an industrial, please head over to the Facebook Page and weigh in on the poll.

Blogwise I’ve managed to install a menu at the top that I’m kind of pleased with in lieu of the categories cloud that used to be on the bottom by the tags cloud. I’ve also embedded the Litterbox ICG font, which gives me more latitude with my stylistic choices, but I haven’t managed to figure out how to center the Widget Titles, or get the Tag Cloud to display in Litterbox. It’s getting frustrating so I’ll come back to that later. I’m re-arranging some of the tags into sub-categories instead of tags for a little ease of navigation, particularly as relates to the Liveblogging the Tabletop Games project, because… it’s really a frequent cause of posting.

Also I’ve removed the old plugin I was using for Facebook, Goggle+ and Twitter, because it required me to leave in annoying buttons for Reddit and Digg and StumbleUpon, and replaced it with a much sleeker code, and, just to sweeten the pot, installed some meta-data which should force the Facebook “Like” button to use an image other than the top banner which comes out screwy on Facebook… I won’t know if it worked till I try and like this myself!!!


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