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Elder Forge – Beholder Mounts and Guinea Pigs

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, we had just spent an inordinate amount of time trying to convince the Warmage/Warmage that he should not try and wake the sleeping Tarrasque at the bottom of the lake, so he went to the Mage’s guild where the Aaron, the Warmage, teleported to another dimension with the Masarrah, and told a ton of black winged Celestials to piss off while Merle watched via scrying orb. (Also we learned in the last session of Heretics to the Empire, that Masarrah banished that Balor to the plane of Carealot… for reference.)

So here we are at the Mage’s guild, having decided to go and investigate an upside-down-extra-dimensional pyramid of doom that may or may not be related to the evil mage Saladin’s plans to kill the local (Egyptian) Gods and then… we’re not sure. Something evil.

Right!!! ONWARD!!!

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Elder Forge – Tabletop Liveblogging Project

Right… and our second campaign, is Elder Forge, a classic style DnD 3.5 campaign in the DM, Majere’s own setting. This one has been going on for quite some time, so you’ll excuse the highly condensed summary.

The Setting:

In the world of Elder Forge, a Divinity Ward keeps the majority of the gods from manifesting upon the plane. Vecna is currently present on the plane, having been on this side of the ward when it went up. Tiamat is banished but making a play to come back. Also the Gnomes blew themselves and crashed their legendary floating Citidel centuries ago, making their contraptions and stuff mysterious antiques.

Our party began on the continent of Bavin, where each was were either in, or following a trade caravan when we were knocked unconscious, and woke up buck nekked in a prison run by a Mindflayer with no equipment, except the Cleric’s holy symbol, and a set of lockpicks in the Rouge’s hair. After escaping from that, via the use of a giant blue gnomish gem, we watched the nearby town, the Mage’s hometown of Clearwater get bilked out of a bunch of their stuff by a Bard with some serios magic mojo… and he stole the Big Gnomish Gem too. They stopped by the home of a Mage named Lenore, only to find her gone, and witness four Elementals come by and suck all the magic out of the surrounding lands.

So they followed this theif to the City of Celestinia, and checked in with the local Mage’s Guild about Lenore. They were more than willing to send the party back out to try and capture the Bard, with the aide of a set of potions that made them immune to his magic music juju. Unfortunately what we captured turned out to be a skinwalker, and did not have the blue gem with him anymore. So we had to head out into the Southern Swamps after a hag. Before we got there we encountered a Deamon family… Momma crazy daemon, with a hell portal for her lower half, her little girl Gert, and her teenaged son Gertrude, and a half dozen abyssal maws. It was… royaly messed up. Then the Crusader fed his blood to a crazy tree which of course turned out to be an avitar of the hag and therefore took over his arm when we were fighting her, which didn’t end well. But at the very least they got back their blue gem from the hag.

So they returned to the Mage’s Guild… where the Mage, to the Rouge’s dismay gave away the blue gem which, she believed was hers and which they’d worked entirely to hard to get back for it to be just turned back over. However they then kitted the party out with some magic items, and sent them off on a mission to stop the magic suckers, who were apparently targeting the city of Clearwater.

On the return to Clearwater, the party encountered a group of cloaked floating apparition baddies that wanted to sacrifice a Unicorn… and discovered that the magic suckers apparently work for Tiamat. In the process of trying to rescue it, gave them a Cleric to sacrifice too, much to the dismay of the Crusader. We rescued the Druid that was also about to get sacrificed in the same manner, to fill the healer slot, and then Mage’s Hometown of Clearwater got magic sanyway, and then frozen over by Vecna when the Mage leading our backup got taken over by hie phylactery.

So we went back across the continent to the Mage’s Guild in the Celestina to warn them one of their own was now the avatar of Vecna, but found the Guild Tower inaccessibly frozen over with all the knowledge on Vecna and Tiamat we were going to need frozen inside. The Mage’s sent us to the forbidden undercity in order to access the now also frozen over, Mage’s tower from below.

So we tromped thru the undercity where the Fighter out-screwed a Sucubus in the Residential Area, and then we went to the Hell Forges, got tricked by a dwarf and nearly eaten by a black pudding, had a visit from a guy named “Lord Bushi” with a Deck of Many Things, dicked around on a giant’s dinner table and lost the Fighter to an evil duplicate of the Warmage in an alignment based puzzle. Having no resurrect spell, we put his remains in the portable hole. Then we picked up an Elf that was stuck in a Soul Gem and had a cape that made her a bat, and a Cleric of Alidamara that teleported in from nowhere with questionable motives.

Eventually we picked up the magic gems we needed to cross thru the Undercity district known as the “Ruby Court,” and headed up into the Mage’s Guild Tower from below, where we nearly froze to death. The cloaked apparitions from Clearwater now with a 5th cohort, beat us to the part of the Divinity Ward in the tower, and also set the damn tower to self destruct. After a vain attempt to save the structure, and with the knowledge that Tiamat’s forces were outside ravaging the city by use of Gnomish Mechs and the fabled Gnomish flying Citidel, we teleported to the Continent of Morgoth, to the Cleric’s home base, in pursuit of another shard of the Divinity Ward, at least one of which must be kept from Tiamat to prevent her unmaking the world.

On Morgoth we found a city where a black winged creature came and turned all the adults into zombies who walked out of town, then teleported to an abandoned Mage’s Guild Tower, traded with some Bedouin, and took a field trip to the bottom of a lake where a Tarasque was sleeping with the divinity ward shard in it’s tummy… and tried to convince the Warmage not to try and kill it….

The Party:

Merle – Rouge 9/Packrat 5 – Played by Me! Mayo!!! – Original Party PC – Merle is a scavenger of the highest degree, though she will tell you till she’s blue that she is NOT a thief. Obsessed with the Gnomes, and their Tech, Merle covets anything gnomish, and has skills in clockwork, and lost knowledges on Gnomes. She’s the proud owner of a Apparatus of Kwalish… which the party traded for off a Bedouin tribe in the desert. They keep it in Aaron’s class VI bag of holding when not in use. As a Packrat she can be counted on to have almost anything in her bag, and with her bag of holding… that really DOES mean anything. Merle functions as the party’s primary ranged fighter… well aside from the Warmage. She’s got a Quiver Of Eholona stocked with several awesome bows and bunches of different types of arrows.

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