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Cat Trapping – Week 2

So here we are at the end of week 2 in our attempts to capture one or more of Lew’s cats in a Have a Heart cat trap lent by Whiskers Animal Benevolent League. It was a decent week despite our failure to catch him.

Night 8: I can identify both cat and racoon prints, so we ARE feeding a racoon, but also we’re feeding at least one cat, and that cat is totaly RA. We set the trap and then went to Friendly’s to eat and when we came back the little bugger was there again! He went halfway up the stairs to the second floor, and then glared at us when Sam called him, before running away when Lew approached. At least now we have 100% confirmation that he’s alive. My sighting from February was sketchy in veracity to say the least, he was moving so fast.

Night 9: Heartened, we instituted an extra long session and headed back to Q, and Majere’s place where Sam has been staying to play Strife’s new game, Will to Power. Sam and a friend made stuffed shells that were awesome. On return to the trap, no cat. We reset the feeding station and left.

Night 10: O Hai Officer! Yes we have a reason to be hanging out in this parked car. We’re trying to catch a cat. Yup that’s what the cat carrier is for. You have a nice night too!!! The local constabulary looked in on us while we were parked.

Night 11: We went to a Corned Beef fundraiser that my father’s Knights of Columbus chapter hosted, and I came home with leftovers, so, since corned beef is Ra’s favorite thing ever, we baited the trap with corned beef this night. It… didn’t help. Not putting out any kibble anymore. He can have the beef to keep him coming but Bruce says we need to get him hungry.

Night 12: We tried the corned beef again, since he DID eat it on the previous night, after we took up the trap. Still no luck. To help entice him to eat from the trap I left it opened, but jammed with the corned beef inside.

Night 13: Determined to get the little bugger we are basically pulling an all nighter. We drove home for a short sleep, but came back within 6 hours. The cat is always taking the bait after we go, so maybe it’s a timing issue we thought. By morning time tho, still no Ra. We went home for a second sleep, leaving the trap open in the hopes he’s been taking the bait in the day.

Night 14: We arrive back from our day nap, to find a note pinned to the carraige house door. It turns out the nice lady across the street has been feeding him, which is why he’s not hungry enough to go for the trap food. At least we know now. Coordinating efforts with her now.

We’re going to need to get a second trap to put under her porch, since he seems to hang out there a lot when he’s not at the carriage house. Going into week three with high hopes!!!


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Cat Trapping – Week 1

So we’re out to get Ra, Lew’s cat… and possibly one of his other cats, Loki and Artemis, back again, and with the help of Bruce from Whiskers Animal Benevolent League that effort now includes cat traps, because the little bugger will not hang around when we show up. He’s only been spotted once, but he ran away from me and my flashlight beam.

Night 1: Bruce brought the trap and taught us how to arm it. We baited it with some tuna and went wandering and postering while we waited. We checked back every half hour, for about 2 hours, but in the end there was no one, so we tripped the trap and took off.

Night 2: First night on our own. Baited with donated wet food. Camped outside the Cumbies with a duvet waiting for a visit from kittays, for nearly 4 hours. It was hella cold even with the blanket, and we spent way too much money inside the Cumbies on snacks and stuff. Still no Ra, tripped the trap put the food back out and went home.

Night 3: I got some snacks before hand at the supermarket to save us on money. Baited with more donated wet food. We watched Babylon 5 on my MacBook. With the snacks all loaded up in the car it was almost like going to the drive in movies. Yet again no cat. Yet again put the feding station back in order and went home empty handed.

Night 4: We’re out of donated cat food, so we picked up a case of wet, and some cheese Danishes from the Hanniford on the way. Sam gave Lew enough money so we could each have a hot beverage for the sit out. Yet again, no cats. Not even sure if we’re feeding cats, or a racoon or some crap.

Night 5: Lew forgot the carriage house key, and we didn’t have time to make the hour and a half round trip to get it back, so we had to call that night a bust.

Night 6: We floured the floor to see what kind of paw prints turn up, and who we’re feeding. The weather is improving somewhat. It’s so warm tonight we don’t even need the duvet, but we could have done without the thunderstorm… well I could have done without the thunderstorm. Lew loved it. Still no cat.

Night 7: I was sick… Sam took Lew. They report “smudged” prints that they cannot identify, and came back catless…

We’ll be back out again tonight… let the search continue!!!!


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Operation Cat Retrieval

So, as mentioned in my previous entry, my dear friends Lew and his housemate Sam’s house was burned down in an act of deliberate malicious arson, by their other housemate Chris, and his two idiot friends Ali and Rustin. (Legal Indemnity: They are indited, but not yet convicted.)

I’ve also mentioned once or twice, that Lew had three lovely cats in his home at the time. The male has been tentatively spotted alive on Feb 18th. It is unknown if the girls escaped, or perished in the fire, but seeing as how there’s nothing we can do about it if they’re is dead, we are running on the assumption that one or more of the girls is still living.

RAArtemis and Loki

We’ve had our setbacks. As mentioned in Insult to Injury, an erroneous story on ABC 10, later retracted, identified Chris as the homeowner, causing people to conflate him with Lew, the real homeowner, and accost us on site as we were cat searching, leading to a two night hiatus on cat searching while that was worked out, due to a fear of physical harm (we don’t know what he was willing to do, and what he had at his disposal for weapons.)

The story also called our search posters a sick joke, which has lead people to continue ripping them down, making it hard to keep up awareness.

On the upside, Whiskers Animal Benevolent League volunteer Bruce, has helped us out with a cat feeding station, which at the very least Ra seems to be using, as that’s where he was spotted. Starting tomorrow night Bruce is bringing out a Have a Heart Trap so we can try and get him, or one of the girls if they’re also hanging around.

Wish us luck!!!


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Genericon 2012!!!!

So this weekend was Genericon!!! It snuck up on me this year, what with Lew’s house getting burned down and all that, so there was no cosplaying for me this year… except on Sunday when Lew and I decided to don our LARP garb, just for the hell of it.

It was a pretty laid back event this year, slightly lower attendance I think than previous years, and I must say the anime viewing room choices were not exactly particularly enticing. But slow and a little laid back was really good for introducing Lew to his very first con.

Also at her very first con was Mackenzie, my BJD, who I carried thru the whole time I was there, because well, how many other places can you carry around a BJD?

So we missed Friday, due to a mishap with Operation Cat Retrieval, which lead to us being far to tired afterward to want to go to a con.

On Saturday the cosplay competition was delightful to behold. There was a kickass GLADOS cosplayer who did a great job, and some cute Hetalia kids who did a little sketch. I just wanted to pinch the hell out of Canada’s cheeks. We saw “The Girl who Lept Thru Time” which I highly recommend. We went to a speculative fiction panel because Lew writes and I thought he might like it. I shopped for dice, which is pretty much the only thing I bought this year. Some for me, a few for Strife, (because I lost some of hers chucking them at her head) and a set for DB_Ranger, because he needs to stop borrowing mine!

I really need to bring MayoWare to artist’s alley next year.

Dolly MeetupSunday we went to the Doll Meetup. Kenzie was absolutely dwarfed by all the larger sized dolls there. Can you even find her in this picture? Look at the bright blue cosplayer wig… then look down. There she is in her little blue sweater, looking like a doll compared to the other dolls!!!

There’s a whole row of MSD sized ones there… and then up on the box is a 75cm fella with some looooong hair. There was one YOSD, but she didn’t stick around long, which is a pity. I get the feeling a lot of the MSD owners are not particularly fond of tinies. It’s not an elitisim thing I wouldn’t say, just that they’re not really interested in someone as small as Kenzie.

Overall it was a nice con. I’m hoping to actually cosplay again next year, not just as my Novitas char, but as someone from an Anime, maybe Nana from Elfin Lied, or Asuka from NGE.


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Insult to Injury – UPDATE

ABC 10 has heard us. They have taken down the video which implied that all tenants were involved in the arson, and replaced it with one which makes clear that there were three tenants and only one is a criminal.

They have also made clear that the cat posters are legit, and we are still looking for two of them, so please keep an eye out. If anyone manages to find one it will be a serious big deal for Lew…. They are pretty much all he has left in this world.

He is still deciding whether to give them the interview with him they now want… weighing the damage done to him by them, with the possible benefits and reputation repair that could be done with the new story.


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