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Dragonia – Dream High Studios

Selkie is Here!!!

The Pretty Box Inside the Pretty Box Inside the Bag HERE SHE IS!!! Freestanding Faerie Complete

My Dragonia, Selkie has arrived from Dream High Studios!!! Actually she got here a few days ago, on the 8th, and I took pictures when I opened her box but I didn’t have time to blog about it and I didn’t much care because who was going to see with the URL down? (And who will? You when the site comes back up.)

She poses really well for something so small, and even freestanding just like Kenzie. Her limbs are a little snappy, especially her hips, but she has a great feel in your hand, and I would definitely buy from DreamHigh Studios again, particularly another microfaerie if they wind up making one that I feel a hankering for, or I get a chance to get my hands on a Harpy.

More pics on the Flickerstream!!!


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So… I caught the bug again.

I wasn’t going to get another Ball Jointed Doll until Mackenzie’s upcoming hair accessories line had paid back her cost, and earned me enough to buy her a Littlefee sister, but… something came up.

Yeah I said it. Something came up.

I never thought I’d fall prey to the limited edition, but I did.

Her name is Dragonia, and she’s by the same people that made Flora, the micro tiny that stole my heart when I discovered her, long after she was already sold out. She’s had some siblings since then, in approximately the same mold (differences in wings and headcaps only) but until Dragonia none of them really got me to where I just had to have them, although Harpy came close.

So I’ve put in my pre-order for a Dragonia… and I’m hoping the situation won’t be TOO bad when she comes in, like it was for Kenzie. After all she’s tiny and blue and unlikely to need clothes or accessories…



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