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In Defense of Cards Against Humanity

Once upon a time, a group of white college cishet boys came up with a card game. It was absurd. It was kind of horrible. It was hilarious. It was bigoted. It was an incredible new form of gameplay. It’s indefensible in it’s original form, but here’s the thing, despite the inherent problems with the game, most notably that it’s written with the idea of what it’s CREATORS and not the full breadth of the consumer base feel are funny, it’s become something far bigger than it’s origins. It’s become a MEDIUM, not simply a product.

The original deck, as published, has some SERIOUS problems that need not be ignored, but the merits of “sanitizing” your deck of Cards Against Humanity are numerous, and can bring back joy to the game if you find yours lacking. For starters, you can download the set rather than pay for it, since there ARE going to be some cards you just don’t want, and because patronizing your local print shop will make it easier to customize your deck later down the road.

Here are some simple ways to help make your deck safe for your friends group.

Step 1: Cards with cool people. The deck is a medium, not a message. Just because a given card combination is available to you at the moment, doesn’t mean you have to play it. MOST cards in the deck can be used in hilarious, off the wall, potentially inappropriate but not BIGOTED ways. If something hits the table that’s racist, sexist, transphobic, etc… the #1 cause of that is that the PLAYER is a bigot. Sorry folks.

Step 2: Cards on Probation. Some cards are impossible, or near impossible to use in a non-bigoted way. If you have cool friends, the result of this is that someone winds up sitting on those cards all game, unable to use them, and uncomfortably staring at something they’d really like to set on fire. Sometimes this is because of inherent bias on behalf of the card holder, (can’t find an appropriate way to play the “black people” card; they exist,) and sometimes that’s because the card itself is shit. (i.e. “A Robust Mongliod.”) A good house rule is that anyone stuck with one of these crap-cards can, upon drawing them, or any time later reveal the card to the group, and submit it to go in the “on probation” pile of cards, kept out of the game for that gathering.

Step 3: Cards in the Trash. You’re the owner of your deck. Anyone, at any time in your game can ask for a card to be put on probation, but since it’s your property, only you can put a final end to that card. Maybe you want to put the “Shittier Jewish Version of Christmas” card your brother put on probation back into the deck when he’s not there, because you’re Jewish, and you personally find it funny. Maybe you want to take the “Incest” card and run it through the garbage disposal because that shit will never be funny. It’s yours to destroy, go ahead. It’s your deck.

Step 4: Cards of Your Own. Now, if you’re destroying cards and wind up with too few… or if you’ve been playing with the same people a lot, you’re going to find that your game starts to get stale. There’s a solution for that too. Google “Cards Against Parody” and you will be assailed by hundreds of different fan-made rehashes of the game format. Cards Against Librarianship, Cards Against Gallefry, Ladies Against Humanity, and many others all use the black card/white card format to make the same sort of jokes that the original made, but with different viewpoints in mind. For every group you might be a part of, Women, Treckies, IT Professionals, Parents, what have you, there’s someone out there curating cards that you and your circle of friend will find funny. There are templates across the internet for making your own cards, to add things into the game that may be very specific to your friends or your locality, (ex. “Northway Exit 3” is in my deck.)

Step 5: Cards with Cool People. I’m sorry… am I repeating myself? Now you thought you started with some cool people. And then you sanitized your deck. Now there are still some combinations in the deck that will be bigoted, but the cards remain because there are more ways to use them that are cool, than those that are not. Yet this one jerk still manages to find the bigoted ways to play the cards, and does… and laughs. Stop playing with him.You don’t want to play CaH with this person. Honestly, you probably don’t want to share a meal with this person. They’re gross. Ew. But maybe they’re your brother and you have to. That doesn’t mean he has to be invited for CaH. STOP INVITING THIS PERSON. 

And lo… your game of Cards Against Humanity is fun again. There may be very little left of  your original deck (all the more reason to download) but there’s definitively merit in lambasting “Sean Penn” for “Not Giving a Shit About the Third World” so some of the cards will remain. Go forth and laugh once more!!!


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Magical Mayo!!!

After falling thru a window into another dimension durring the Morpozner’s Hillarois Episode, my fictional analoge finds herself living la vida LARPa for realisies! I got to run around outdoors in my LARP cloak with a SCAdian freind all garbed up as a local. It was a laugh and a half, and I’m loving this direction this whole 5 Episode arc is taking, I’ve read the scripts. Still can’t wait for our PowerMorphicon Episode! Hang in there!!!


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Seref Games Site Launch!!!

So, after a while in the works, it looks like me and Strife are finaly going to be getting our butts together to make her homebrew system from the”It Got Worse” campagn a published reality. We’re gonna make a fantasy game with it first because, that’s kind of a staple, rather than going with the superhero theme right out of the gate, but it’s still gonna be hella fun I think.

It’s probably going to get in the way of my shop for a little while, as if Jake’s webseries wasn’t already getting in the way of that… I think it’s going to be a while before I get that back in order properly which is a bummer, but I’m committed to the Seref project now so… wheeeeeeeee…..

Anyhow, you can follow our journey on this bizzare little adventure as game developers and a start up company here on: www.serefgames.com


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Shortly before I rejoined the world of the employed, Strife convinced me that I should purchase a copy of Minecraft… so I did.

I’m hooked.

I’ve just taken all the Sims 3 expansions and stuff packs I had on my Amazon Wishlist and removed them. Gone. Don’t want to play the Sims anymore. Not as cool as Minecraft. There’s only room for one sandbox game in my life at any given time. I don’t have huge amounts of time to spend playing video games… hell I’m still working on Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass on my Wii and DS respectively.

If you don’t play Minecraft yet, you need to.

It’s so much more than what it was presented to me as. It’s not just the worlds most awesome Lego world that you can run round in building things. It generates wonderful landscapes… you can go on a jungle exploration trip, or go spelunking down giant chasms with picturesque waterfalls…. and I know you’re asking me how on earth I can describe a game which is rendered almost entirely in cubes that are meant to represent a squared meter, with the exception of living creatures and constructed objects which may have more than 6 polygons to construct themselves out of, but nonetheless are still measured in increments of about one meter squared. (Pig 1 X 1 X 2, Chicken 1 X 1 X 1, Cow 1 X 2 X 2 Spider 2 X 1 X 2…)

The world is ever generating and always simulating. The wheat grows, the grass spreads to dirt, the trees grow, the animals move, ice melts, snow falls… and all the while you’re capable of moving around any part you need to… digging thru piles of gravel to new cave entrances, dropping off torches, constructing railway tracks for minecarts… constructing minecarts.

My favorite activity is just to go thru areas and explore them thoroughly, set up signs so those who come behind me cannot get nearly as lost as I did, connect bodys of water with canals for easy water travel, cut passes thru high hills for foot travel… oh… and I’m playing on single player.

I must be crazy… yeah… definitely crazy.


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Genericon 2012!!!!

So this weekend was Genericon!!! It snuck up on me this year, what with Lew’s house getting burned down and all that, so there was no cosplaying for me this year… except on Sunday when Lew and I decided to don our LARP garb, just for the hell of it.

It was a pretty laid back event this year, slightly lower attendance I think than previous years, and I must say the anime viewing room choices were not exactly particularly enticing. But slow and a little laid back was really good for introducing Lew to his very first con.

Also at her very first con was Mackenzie, my BJD, who I carried thru the whole time I was there, because well, how many other places can you carry around a BJD?

So we missed Friday, due to a mishap with Operation Cat Retrieval, which lead to us being far to tired afterward to want to go to a con.

On Saturday the cosplay competition was delightful to behold. There was a kickass GLADOS cosplayer who did a great job, and some cute Hetalia kids who did a little sketch. I just wanted to pinch the hell out of Canada’s cheeks. We saw “The Girl who Lept Thru Time” which I highly recommend. We went to a speculative fiction panel because Lew writes and I thought he might like it. I shopped for dice, which is pretty much the only thing I bought this year. Some for me, a few for Strife, (because I lost some of hers chucking them at her head) and a set for DB_Ranger, because he needs to stop borrowing mine!

I really need to bring MayoWare to artist’s alley next year.

Dolly MeetupSunday we went to the Doll Meetup. Kenzie was absolutely dwarfed by all the larger sized dolls there. Can you even find her in this picture? Look at the bright blue cosplayer wig… then look down. There she is in her little blue sweater, looking like a doll compared to the other dolls!!!

There’s a whole row of MSD sized ones there… and then up on the box is a 75cm fella with some looooong hair. There was one YOSD, but she didn’t stick around long, which is a pity. I get the feeling a lot of the MSD owners are not particularly fond of tinies. It’s not an elitisim thing I wouldn’t say, just that they’re not really interested in someone as small as Kenzie.

Overall it was a nice con. I’m hoping to actually cosplay again next year, not just as my Novitas char, but as someone from an Anime, maybe Nana from Elfin Lied, or Asuka from NGE.


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