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Wiimote Makeovers!!!

Wiimotes are awesome, but they can be even more awesome than they are by default, with the right customization. I’m sure for many gamers, the aesthetics are not important so I’m going to start with the Nyko Charge Station… it’s made of awsome. They come in white and in black, and in two or four. I recently upgraded from the two to the four, and will be selling my two on eBay, with two of the new batteries from the four.

You can get extra batteries and backs in several rubber colors, separately. Below you can see my backs, including the solid black you can only get with the black charge station which is hella annoying, because what if you only have one black mote?

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KoN – Freezing Bandits and Dead Orcs

So I headed out again to the Kingdoms of Novitas this weekend, this time carpooling with Strife, who has a car, but no license due to a thing… with a thing… and anyhow, it’s fun to have a passenger on long rides, and we shared Logistics as a bunkroom last month anyhow. This month we managed to snag two newly opened bunks upstairs in the main heated cabin with Q, which is awesome… None of the other D20 livebloggers play at Novitas, though Majere used to.

Once again I NPCed all weekend because I don’t have a PC yet, although I’m getting a good idea for what I want to play. I’m thinking of becoming an “Ornamenteer,” which is basically any and all craftspeople who are not armor, weapons or potions makers. I could apply my crafting skills to the character and that would be fun.

I didn’t get to hardly do any talking PC rules or anything like that since I spent most of my time running screaming and killing… well… dying… a lot.

NPC Roles of the Weekend:

  • Lumberjack (And that’s Ok)  – 1 Hit Point – Hooked plot successfully, paid PCs and left.
  • Stuck in Logistics for waaaaaaaaay…. to long because of the other NPCs which were wiping the floor with the players down by the lake.
  • Farmer wants a meal – 1 Hit Point – The Chicken’s Pretty Good.
  • Bandit – 2 Hit Points – Freeeeezing outside guarding the loot till PCs found us… and invited us to their fire.
  • Saturday Morning Orcs – 2 Hit Points – Sooooo many respawns.
  • Orcs with a Drum – 2 Hit Points – Died near the woods, then again in a field after respawn. “Stop Eating the Mushrooms!!!”
  • Ox Driver wants a Meal – 1 Hit Point – Nummy Hotdogs are Nummy.
  • 2nd/3rd Shift Change Cover Orcs – 2 Hit Points – Chased the PCs around for a while till they stopped ALL dissapating or casting sanctuary.
  • Dellan Barbarian – 2 Hit Points – Killed a couple times… following a man wearing a gold jock and nothing else, into battle.
  • Ooze – 3 Hit Points – Killed by a druid who didn’t even stop eating his meal.
  • Bandit – 2 Hit Points – Again Never Found by PCs… even tho we had a hook.
  • Zombie – 1 Hit Point – Killed, Respawned, Mortal Wounded but not killed, Got back up, Shambled Away Alive, then Killed Again, all while running with a Wraith that had some dead PC’s spirit hostage.
  • Traveler needs 2 Meals to Go – No Hit Points – Peanut butter Pork, a better idea than I thought.

So with the Lumberjack, I got to be a plot hook for the first time ever, which was cool. We went out and sent some PCs to go clean up the evil orcs that took over our camp while we were trying to fix their broken bridge, which is also broken. The Orcs with the drum bit was a little boring since some confused roofers and chickens were more interested in us than the PCs were. Following the gold-jock Dellan into battle was EPIC. Being an ooze was fun, especially since the PC didn’t quite grasp why smacking the crap out of only one of the NPCs in the ooze net wasn’t killing the whole ooze… being Bandits sucked again. Bandits never seem to encounter PCs. Poor Shen had to call it an evening during the Zombie run, and I went out of game as “Traveler needs two meals to go” to feed him, and missed 4th shift again.

I LOVE being Saturday morning orcs tho…. when I have a PC I totally want to be an NPC every Saturday morning still.

Off of my shopping list from last month all I managed to get was the gloves… the chopsticks got held up in the mail which was annoying as heck because I had to pass of them and my bowl to the leather worker who’ll be making my feastware strap, mug strap, and frog. I’ll have to mail the chopsticks to them because they ARE here now… so my list stands as follows. Crossed off things I either have, or have already ordered and such and only need to physically receive.

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Because it’s Just that Awsome

So yeah… I was out with friends today. We went to a diner, and then back to their place for a 4 hour long Wii session. I know they say that people cuss more at Mario Cart than they do at any other video game, but me, I cuss at Smash Brother’s Brawl like nobody’s business…

Right. So… Wiis. They’re cool. I call mine my “Zelda Machine” because I baught it primarily to play Twilight Princess. My game library is small and consists mostly of flagship titles like Zelda, Mario, and Wii Fit, and my Virtual Console is jammed full of old Zelda Titles. I also don’t play near as often as I should, so I haven’t beaten anything I own.

I was going to wait and buy Skyward Sword until later, because I had a goal of beating Twiilght Princess before I got it… I figure since I’m out of work again I should be able to do it, right?

Well no. Because I’m not waiting. I just pre-ordered that thing. Why?

Golden Triforce WiiMoteBecause of this.

I can’t possibly NOT pre-order when in so doing I would not only be getting the WiiMote Plus, which I need in order to play it, since I still don’t have one, but I’d be getting a golden one, emblazoned with the Triforce.

I’m not sure how I managed to miss that this was going on. I mean, apparently it was announced months ago and the pre-orders started back in early September. Clearly I’m not staying up on my video game knoweldge the way I should. They’re already completly full up on pre-orders on Amazon, so I had to resort to shopping in meatspace in order to pre-order with the WiiMote.

I would up at Gamestop. Previously known as EB Games, where I did NOT have good experiences in trying to get a Wii.

Well I haven’t seen those bait and switch boxes in a long time, and I want one of these WiiMotes like crazy, so it looks like my refusal to patronize their store has finally come to an end. It’s just that awsome. I’ll be back on Sunday to pick up my very own Golden WiiMote and Game!!!!


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KoN – The World’s Smallest Ogre

So this weekend, was my very first foray to the town of Pinedale… the setting of the Kingdom’s of Novitas LARP. Having obtained my boots only days before, and kitted out in my tunic, belt and leggings from the now defunct Nocturne Macabre Dark Ages Vampire LARP, I arrived quite late to the Vanderkamp camping grounds, and promptly failed miserably at locating the Logicstics Center, finding myself at one of the out of game heated sleeping cabins instead. Luckily someone I know was there at the moment and he gave me directions to logistics, where I could check in, get directions to my bunk and where I was to report for NPC duty once unpacked. Upon finding Logistics, I was informed that due to a double booking error with the building which was usually Logistics… Logistics was in my bunkroom, because I had signed up for a couch in the living room slot in the cabin I was in… and that living room had become logistics.As annoying as I initially thought that would be, it turned out to have major advantages when I returned from NPC roles completely sacked and wanted to lay down. However at that point… I didn’t want to sleep with all the Logistics Going around so even as tired as I was, I took up NPCing. They sent me out on the role of “Farmer wants a Meal” to the Inn to eat,  (This is how NPCs get to eat on their shift.) I didn’t know I was meant to come back after eating, however so I wandered around Pinedale, and learned where everything was in town and observed a combat… and had my first death. I came in at 2am and kipped in my bunk in Logistics… and woke up the next morning to a full day of NPCing. I had a really great time on Saturday. It should be noted that due to a “no genderbending” rule at Novitas, and the fact that I have no major desire to explain what an androgyne is to them, I’m being sent out as full on female NPCs all the time, which I’m ok with.

NPC Roles of the Weekend:

  • Farmer wants a Meal – 1 Hit Point – Collateral Damage in Undead Attack
  • Wearwolf – 4 Hit Points, Monstrous – Slain with Silver in Battle
  • Mushroom Person – 2 Hit Points – Unceremoniously Ganked
  • Someone’s Sister – 1 Hit Point – Got Bitchslapped and Stomped off Home
  • World’s Tiniest Ogre – 8 Hit Points, Monstrous – Went down swinging
  • Bandit – 2 Hit Points – Never Found by PCs… Returned to Logistics
  • Farmer wants a Meal- 1 Hit Point – Finished Eating and Went Home to Kill Rabbits
  • Many Orcs – 2 Hit Points – Spent More time Respawning than in Battle
  • Cat – 9 Hit Points, Monstrous – Killed, Resurrected, Blunted, and Returned to Owner
  • Someone’s Wife – 1 Hit Point – Went to Sleep Safely in his Cabin
  • Hag – 4 Hit Points – Executed for Trying to Kill a Fae, and almost succeeding
  • Dancing Girl – 1 Hit Point – Went to go teach the wives how to Dance (Meta Much?)

I had absolutely THE most fun as the World’s Tinyest Ogre. I did more damage with the 8 foot long spear they gave me, which hit for 4 damage, than in any other role, and the football pads and layers of fur made my death very comfortable. I also really enjoyed being someone’s sister… it was all RP, apparently she doesn’t get along with her sister so we just screamed at one another in a field for a while.The cat was hilarious. I was wearing an orange cap (which meant I was out of game) and carrying a demented looking stuffed cat and a small beater boffer, because the cat clawed for one damage. The PCs killed it before they realized it was someone’s pet and then had to revive it, but then it ran from them and they had to blunt it down and give it over unconscious to it’s owner.

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Lovelies in my Mailbox!!!!

So in my continued effort to blog more about MayoWare and Etsy, I have here a moment of Etsy purchase review… which has NOTHING to do with Kenzie!!! I know. Rare, eh?

I recently went shopping for me… now I really like this seller Clover13, although I have to admit I’m not really chuffed about a good 50% of what’s in her store. Much of it looks hokey. The other 50% is really classy, so I went about to get this here locket for myself.

I’m going to continue recommending Etsy shops I like to shop at, because I like to, and because well… if you like what I like, then you’ll have all the more reason to have me in your circle!!! I’m going to do some back reviews of my favorite stuff I got before I started doing this too.

Also came home from work today to find my boots on the front stoop… and therefore I can now say with absolute certainty that I will be attending the Kingdoms of Novitas LARP for the first time this weekend.

There was some doubt when I wasn’t sure if my boots would be here. I had no desire to go running around the woods in the next best boots I’ve got as far as looking properly medieval. Those things give me the blisters after 4 hours indoors, nevermind running about in the woods.

But since all my Ashbourne friends have been pestering me to give it a try, I’m going to give it a whirl. Nick got me a space in the heated cabin, on a couch not a bunk, but as far as I’m concerned heat trumps bunk.

I’ll be a little late out on my way there, since I’ll have to finish out my day at work, but I’m totally looking forward to my first weekend LARP.

Catch you all on the flip side!!!


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