* The Land Before Social Media *

These would have been statuses, tweets or tumbles if I’d been on those things back then…

I finaly gave in…

Remember waaaaaaaaay back when when I wasn’t ever going to get a Livejournal because I had a DiaryLand account and totally didn’t need the social networking crap on Livejournal? Remeber how one by one all my Diaryland affiliates moved to Livejournal and in the end so did I?

So remember how I said I was NEVER going to join Facebook?



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Still Alive

I’m still here… still alive, and still waiting for Jake to get the pictures developed so I can backpost about Powermorphicon… with piccys. I made an icon for that… with Vida. *Higgles.* I also made a Doctor Who Icon. *Squees.* Lookie… Tenth Doctor.

What’s that you say? You can see my userpic on my recent entries page? Why yes, you can now, seeing as how I figured out the S2 language well enough to hoodwink generator into doing what I wanted it too. *Beams.*

I should post more often. I shall resolve to do so.


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Teacher says a Hippo is a Vegitarian!

Heh…. this song, really amuses me.
Perhaps it will amuse you too.


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Ananova is my friend…

Usually I just torture people on MSN Messenger by sending them links, but this one should be disseminated to EVERYONE. I know at least one person who’ll get a laugh out of it…

4 year old in Power Rangers Costume, defends family from Armed Robber!!!


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Internet ETA…

So yesh, I just got off the phone with Time Warner, during my loffly lunchy break… and they’ll be by to hook up our cable and internet on the 7th… so that’s when you all can expect me back on messengers and such. RL-Freinds if you need me my cell is the best way to get me, online friends, either comment on this entry, or e-mail me and I’ll try to check it at work. Otherwise I may as well be on the moon… (with Steve.)

Look forward to talking to you guys on the web again! Loffing the new Apt. Got food from Hanniford and needed things (like trashcan for kitchen) from Target yesterday, and it’s starting to shape up to a livable place. I mean the place itself is eminently livable, but when there’s no food and no garbage can and things you can’t really nest much. I do want to mop the kitchen some… it’s not terribly soiled but is mildly sticky, as is the bathroom floor… of course for that we need a mop. Also we need curtains or at least blinds… cause I feel like we’re living in a fishbowl with the big windows and nothing covering them…

I have my own place!!! *Beams.*


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