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MayoWare Going on Vacation

Ok, well between Seref Games and Database Ranger’s Power Reviews, and the hell that is my day job at Xerox, I’m falling way behind on my orders again, so I’m putting the shop on Vacation again. I’m still gonna get everyone’s orders out ASAP that already ordered but there’s just no way I can keep taking orders while I’m up to my eyeballs in unfinished ones.

I think what’s gonna happen with this is that I’m going to stay closed after I get the orders in order… yes… ok after I get the orders in order I’m going to stay closed for a while longer and build up an ‘off the shelf’ inventory so I’m not making everything to order. That should reduce my workload when I reopen and allow me to keep up with orders better. So yeah, I probably won’t be back open in time for the 2013 Holiday season, which sucks, but I don’t want to dissapoint people at the Holidays, that woule be the pits.

So watch this space, I’ll blog again to let you know when the shop reopens! Or you can use the provided link on Etsy to get a notification when the shop re-opens.

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MayoWare is BACK!!!!

Punkin PatchMayoware is back open for business!!! We’ve got a great set of Halloween earrings out including last years much loved Pumpkin Patch Wrapped Helix Cuff.

Holiday Ordering Deadlines are as follows:

  • Orders in by October 14th will ship in time for Halloween.
  • Orders in by November 18th will ship in time for Chanukah.
  • Orders in by December 1st will ship in time for Christmas.

Knowing I’m slow I gave myself a serious buffer, so get your orders in EARLY!! Also I’ll be closing on the 1st of December so that I can enjoy my own Holidays, so really don’t wait till the last minute!!!


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On the Horizon

So I get my blog back up and running and then promptly become ill with the head cold/sinus infection of absolute doom. Then I spend another two weeks after that working to recover financially from the whole… no sick days, thing.

And now I’m back! So… what’s up on the Horizon in the Mayoverse?

Firstly I have a Tumblr now. Mostly I got it so I could follow some great folks over there, like “The Avengers Shouldn’t Text” and Zinnia Jones. I’ll be reblogging and microblogging over there, things like “Oh look at this article I found” and stuff like that. If I have more to say about it than that, it will still be here. Tumbler will be feeding to my Twitter as well, so if you’re already following me there, there’s no real need to follow Tumbler as well.

Secondly, I’m looking forward to an October First Re-Opening for MayoWare, for the Holiday Season. I’m planning to stay open October-November, and then close again for the month of December to ensure all orders arrive in time for the Holidays. I’ll be releasing at least two new designs I have in my head. A Holly Berry Stud drop using red Swavorski Pearls, and a counterpoint to my current tiara “O Tannenbaum” which is red with silver wire and green crystal… which I still need to name. I’ll be tossing up a few more red and greens, including at least one full ear cuff, and then if I have time some more non-holiday themed ones that would still make great gifts, and maybe a holiday headband or two to kickstart the BJD Botique section of the shop. I have the materials I just really need to get on it.

And Thirdly, you may have been following our tabletop escapades being Liveblogged. We will no longer be liveblogging Strife’s game “Will To Power” as it’s slated to be released as the second project from Seref Games, which we’re forming to write publish and sell RPGs based on Strife’s homebrew system. We’ll be starting with a Fantasy game “Pyron” which I’m very excited about, but also won’t be liveblogging, because reasons.

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I Want to Craft

No really, I do. I keep thinking of things I want to make and I can’t ever find time to make, never mind the few remaining orders that I have to get out for MayoWare. I’ve got woven earrings I want to make, new drops, beads for some awesome new full cuffs, a few custom requests that I can’t wait to dig into, a bunch of new beads I don’t even know what I want to do with yet, and all the fixings to start making BJD hair accessories as well… headbands, magnetic hair bows, and traditional clip barrettes… and no damn time to do it!

I keep trying to set aside Wednesday night for crafting, and I keep winding up doing something else, like dinner with my parents, or going to bed early or helping someone move. It’s getting kind of frustrating.

Not only that, I’ve got the materials I need to make my bedroom curtains, and I’ve had them since shortly after last Christmas… and I still haven’t made the damned curtains yet either, and I really should before winter because they’re going to insulate my windows so the bedroom doesn’t get so cold in the winter… of course they also had white liner to keep the room COOL in summer but clearly we’re well past that at this point.

When the hell can I craft again?


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Spampy Stuff!!!! (And a Sweater)

Spampy Spampy Spampy Onesie Spampy Onesie Spampy Footie Pajamas Maisedoats Sweater

So… this is going to be the last review of doll stuff for a while, since Kenzie is getting cut off until she earns me some money back, and then enough to buy her LittleFee sister, which does mean that I’ll be launching a line of “MayoWare for BJD” which will include hair accessories and such. Yes.

But my stuff from Spampy came in and… Spampy is le Awesome. She was able to work with me on all my requests, including PukiFee sized onesies (based on her usual Nappy Choo sized ones) and a lovely set of Pukifee sized footie PJs that Kenzie just looks sooooooooo adorable in!!! I also got a bunch of hosiery: socks, underwear and tights. In the fashion of many of the awesome Etsians, she threw in a few freebies. One free pair of socks, and one free pair of tights. I’m thrilled.

Spampy rocks.

I’ve also got this cute sweater.  Maisedoats‘ knit is steady and properly scaled, and the buttons really work, plus she tossed in a really cute barrette. I definitely recommend her. I’ll be hitting her up for some other sweaters in the future, like… when I have money again.

Interestingly, both, Maisedoats and Spampy, when asked for “blue” clothing, provided the same shade, meaning this sweater goes very well with the blue socks I requested, despite both items being not the shade I had in mind initially. It’s a great coincidence, and I love them together.

I’m going to miss getting in new things for Kenzie… but… well that’s pretty much it for now, because yeah. Doll stuff is expensive!


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