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On the Horizon

So I get my blog back up and running and then promptly become ill with the head cold/sinus infection of absolute doom. Then I spend another two weeks after that working to recover financially from the whole… no sick days, thing.

And now I’m back! So… what’s up on the Horizon in the Mayoverse?

Firstly I have a Tumblr now. Mostly I got it so I could follow some great folks over there, like “The Avengers Shouldn’t Text” and Zinnia Jones. I’ll be reblogging and microblogging over there, things like “Oh look at this article I found” and stuff like that. If I have more to say about it than that, it will still be here. Tumbler will be feeding to my Twitter as well, so if you’re already following me there, there’s no real need to follow Tumbler as well.

Secondly, I’m looking forward to an October First Re-Opening for MayoWare, for the Holiday Season. I’m planning to stay open October-November, and then close again for the month of December to ensure all orders arrive in time for the Holidays. I’ll be releasing at least two new designs I have in my head. A Holly Berry Stud drop using red Swavorski Pearls, and a counterpoint to my current tiara “O Tannenbaum” which is red with silver wire and green crystal… which I still need to name. I’ll be tossing up a few more red and greens, including at least one full ear cuff, and then if I have time some more non-holiday themed ones that would still make great gifts, and maybe a holiday headband or two to kickstart the BJD Botique section of the shop. I have the materials I just really need to get on it.

And Thirdly, you may have been following our tabletop escapades being Liveblogged. We will no longer be liveblogging Strife’s game “Will To Power” as it’s slated to be released as the second project from Seref Games, which we’re forming to write publish and sell RPGs based on Strife’s homebrew system. We’ll be starting with a Fantasy game “Pyron” which I’m very excited about, but also won’t be liveblogging, because reasons.

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I Want to Craft

No really, I do. I keep thinking of things I want to make and I can’t ever find time to make, never mind the few remaining orders that I have to get out for MayoWare. I’ve got woven earrings I want to make, new drops, beads for some awesome new full cuffs, a few custom requests that I can’t wait to dig into, a bunch of new beads I don’t even know what I want to do with yet, and all the fixings to start making BJD hair accessories as well… headbands, magnetic hair bows, and traditional clip barrettes… and no damn time to do it!

I keep trying to set aside Wednesday night for crafting, and I keep winding up doing something else, like dinner with my parents, or going to bed early or helping someone move. It’s getting kind of frustrating.

Not only that, I’ve got the materials I need to make my bedroom curtains, and I’ve had them since shortly after last Christmas… and I still haven’t made the damned curtains yet either, and I really should before winter because they’re going to insulate my windows so the bedroom doesn’t get so cold in the winter… of course they also had white liner to keep the room COOL in summer but clearly we’re well past that at this point.

When the hell can I craft again?


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Selkie is Here!!!

The Pretty Box Inside the Pretty Box Inside the Bag HERE SHE IS!!! Freestanding Faerie Complete

My Dragonia, Selkie has arrived from Dream High Studios!!! Actually she got here a few days ago, on the 8th, and I took pictures when I opened her box but I didn’t have time to blog about it and I didn’t much care because who was going to see with the URL down? (And who will? You when the site comes back up.)

She poses really well for something so small, and even freestanding just like Kenzie. Her limbs are a little snappy, especially her hips, but she has a great feel in your hand, and I would definitely buy from DreamHigh Studios again, particularly another microfaerie if they wind up making one that I feel a hankering for, or I get a chance to get my hands on a Harpy.

More pics on the Flickerstream!!!


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So… I caught the bug again.

I wasn’t going to get another Ball Jointed Doll until Mackenzie’s upcoming hair accessories line had paid back her cost, and earned me enough to buy her a Littlefee sister, but… something came up.

Yeah I said it. Something came up.

I never thought I’d fall prey to the limited edition, but I did.

Her name is Dragonia, and she’s by the same people that made Flora, the micro tiny that stole my heart when I discovered her, long after she was already sold out. She’s had some siblings since then, in approximately the same mold (differences in wings and headcaps only) but until Dragonia none of them really got me to where I just had to have them, although Harpy came close.

So I’ve put in my pre-order for a Dragonia… and I’m hoping the situation won’t be TOO bad when she comes in, like it was for Kenzie. After all she’s tiny and blue and unlikely to need clothes or accessories…



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Genericon 2012!!!!

So this weekend was Genericon!!! It snuck up on me this year, what with Lew’s house getting burned down and all that, so there was no cosplaying for me this year… except on Sunday when Lew and I decided to don our LARP garb, just for the hell of it.

It was a pretty laid back event this year, slightly lower attendance I think than previous years, and I must say the anime viewing room choices were not exactly particularly enticing. But slow and a little laid back was really good for introducing Lew to his very first con.

Also at her very first con was Mackenzie, my BJD, who I carried thru the whole time I was there, because well, how many other places can you carry around a BJD?

So we missed Friday, due to a mishap with Operation Cat Retrieval, which lead to us being far to tired afterward to want to go to a con.

On Saturday the cosplay competition was delightful to behold. There was a kickass GLADOS cosplayer who did a great job, and some cute Hetalia kids who did a little sketch. I just wanted to pinch the hell out of Canada’s cheeks. We saw “The Girl who Lept Thru Time” which I highly recommend. We went to a speculative fiction panel because Lew writes and I thought he might like it. I shopped for dice, which is pretty much the only thing I bought this year. Some for me, a few for Strife, (because I lost some of hers chucking them at her head) and a set for DB_Ranger, because he needs to stop borrowing mine!

I really need to bring MayoWare to artist’s alley next year.

Dolly MeetupSunday we went to the Doll Meetup. Kenzie was absolutely dwarfed by all the larger sized dolls there. Can you even find her in this picture? Look at the bright blue cosplayer wig… then look down. There she is in her little blue sweater, looking like a doll compared to the other dolls!!!

There’s a whole row of MSD sized ones there… and then up on the box is a 75cm fella with some looooong hair. There was one YOSD, but she didn’t stick around long, which is a pity. I get the feeling a lot of the MSD owners are not particularly fond of tinies. It’s not an elitisim thing I wouldn’t say, just that they’re not really interested in someone as small as Kenzie.

Overall it was a nice con. I’m hoping to actually cosplay again next year, not just as my Novitas char, but as someone from an Anime, maybe Nana from Elfin Lied, or Asuka from NGE.


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