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Spampy Stuff!!!! (And a Sweater)

Spampy Spampy Spampy Onesie Spampy Onesie Spampy Footie Pajamas Maisedoats Sweater

So… this is going to be the last review of doll stuff for a while, since Kenzie is getting cut off until she earns me some money back, and then enough to buy her LittleFee sister, which does mean that I’ll be launching a line of “MayoWare for BJD” which will include hair accessories and such. Yes.

But my stuff from Spampy came in and… Spampy is le Awesome. She was able to work with me on all my requests, including PukiFee sized onesies (based on her usual Nappy Choo sized ones) and a lovely set of Pukifee sized footie PJs that Kenzie just looks sooooooooo adorable in!!! I also got a bunch of hosiery: socks, underwear and tights. In the fashion of many of the awesome Etsians, she threw in a few freebies. One free pair of socks, and one free pair of tights. I’m thrilled.

Spampy rocks.

I’ve also got this cute sweater.  Maisedoats‘ knit is steady and properly scaled, and the buttons really work, plus she tossed in a really cute barrette. I definitely recommend her. I’ll be hitting her up for some other sweaters in the future, like… when I have money again.

Interestingly, both, Maisedoats and Spampy, when asked for “blue” clothing, provided the same shade, meaning this sweater goes very well with the blue socks I requested, despite both items being not the shade I had in mind initially. It’s a great coincidence, and I love them together.

I’m going to miss getting in new things for Kenzie… but… well that’s pretty much it for now, because yeah. Doll stuff is expensive!


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Yet another Pukifee Clothing Review!!!

LatiYellow Kimono LatiYellow Gift DollB Jeans Naiko Outfit Naiko Outfit Naiko Outfit

With some of my Christmas money, I made some orders for Pukifee clothing for Kenzie, and most of them are in now, so I thought I’d give props where they are due. As per ususal click over to my Flickr via the images above, for the greatest detail in reviewing.

First up is Etsy Crafter Latiyellow who clearly specializes in one size of doll, although she does appear to have some Littlefee/YoSD sized clothing and a suprising amount of PukiPuki clothes. From her I ordered a lovely little Yukata Kimono for Kenzie. I missed out on an earlier one that I absoloutly loved, but her works are pretty much one of a kind, so if she’s got one in you like, jump on it ASAP!!! The construction is great, the fit is great and she tossed in a little fleecy sleeveless dress that is also a wonderful construction and fit, and unlike many free gifts, is really appropriate to Kenzie’s character.

I picked up another two pair of jeans from DollB, whom I’ve reviewed before. They did not disappoint. I’m really pleased with them.

There was a disappointing shoe purchase from color4 in that the shoelaces were fused shut, making it impossible to get the shoes on my Pukifee without ruining the laces. I’ll need to replace the laces, but the shoes themselves are a good fit (without socks) and design.

Lastly we have a trio of adorable outfits from Naiko, on Etsy. All are well sewn, and fit well. They have adorable little unobtrusive tags sewn into them, and the pieces are all separate, allowing for great mix and match. Naiko makes some really cute socks with little bows on them too, which are just darling.


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Happy Holidays with Kenzie!!!

Happy Chanukah from Mackenzie!!! Not without my bear!!! Look at all the pwesents!!! Merry Christmas to All!!!! Festival of Lights A Shot with the Tree

Kenzie came with me this Holiday season on a trip to see my boyfriend’s family for the holidays, and we celebrated both Christmas and Chanukah.Thanks to a grievous postal error, her Christmas clothes, which were meant to be delivered to the out-laws house, were routed to a similar but incorrect address on the 24th, and then arrived at their house on the 26th after we left. They forwarded the envelope to my place tho.

So we did some Pajama shots for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning while we were down there, and a quick little photo shoot with a red shirt, which was ok, but I still missed the clothes that I had ordered for her.

Kenzie also came to the Latke Party hosted at my house on the last night of Chanukah, and to my parents house on New Years Day for a late Christmas gift exchange, wearing the Christmas clothes that had finally arrived.


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MM_Brand for Mackenzie!!!

MM_Brand Dress MM_Brand Pajamas MM_Brand Leggings, Shirt MM_Brand Leggings, Shirt MM_Brand, Leggings, Shirt MM_Brand, Hoodie Sweatsuit

It was a looooooooong wait but it was totally worth it! Mackenzie’s clothing order from early October from MM_Brand finally got here on Monday. I knew it was going to be delayed, was in communication with the shop the whole time. The seamstress was getting married, and of course you don’t rush a bride to be.

The quality of the clothes was well worth the wait, and she tossed in a free pair of acid was capris, the optional hat for the monkey PJs which I hadn’t paid for, and an absolutely ADORABLE periwinkle blue headband that I love to bits. I seriously want to buy more of them but they’re not listed in her shop and I’ve lost my job again. I’ll definitely be asking her for a custom order of some headbands when I have money again tho.

The multi-packs of plain shirts and leggings are a great deal. I got a three-pack of shirts and a six-pack of leggings, and they were well worth the price. I’m a real fan of the blue sweatsuit too, with it’s slotted hood that lets it go on without head removal. Click thru to Flickr for full details on each item!


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In with the New, Out with the… Also New

The Toybox is Full! Mr. Teddy Bear Cars and Trucks! And Barrettes BLOCKS!!! Chutes and Ladders Big Box of Stuff to Get Rid Of...

So yes… It’s been a while since I actually photoed the new things Kenzie’s got for “Kenzie’s Collection” so here we are… just from my personal property she got a couple Micro Machines, and I picked up some barrettes for her at the supermarket that are supercute. She’s had those for a while now, but I never bothered to photo them.

Mr. Teddy BearThen she got a bear. Mr. Bear is super adorable and super well made, and I mentioned before that I was getting him from Etsy Seller All4Blythe. I cannot recommend her bears enough. This little man is darling, and he just steals the show, even from Kenzie on occasion. My relatives were all so cuted out by him when he came with Kenzie and I for Thanksgiving. So all you all go check out All4Blythe for PukiFee sized jointed stuffed Bears, Bunnies, Etc.

After that I went on a little spree on the internet, and got her a Dumptruck, some Wooden Alphabet Blocks, and a game of Chutes and Ladders. They’re all freaking adorable.  The Blocks are from a craft supplier and The Dump Truck and the Board Game are Keychains for the Win!!!!

Blocks!!!! I’m selling off 60 of the blocks that I don’t want at $3 for 15. Kenzie doesn’t need more than 30, and they came as a group of 90. Also on the block is a Little Tykes Dollhouse Easel that came with Kenzie’s other Little Tykes Furniture, but which I also don’t want. That’s also $3.

Melody PushI have 3 other Tonka Trucks, I’m also looking to offload, as well as a Melody Push Keychain that came with Kenzie’s Popper and Ring Stacker. All are new in the packaging and I can’t put any of them on DOA because Keychains are disallowed, but if you contact me, I’m selling each Keychain at $5 a piece, plus shipping… shipping may be a little higher for the Tonka Trucks than the Melody Push. They’re real die cast metal, and therefore a little on the heavy side for something that small. Drop me a line if you want one of them!!!


Addendum: Only Two Pack of the Blocks and the Melody Push (pictured above) remain!!!

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