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What I think I Do

I used to be a Help Line agent in a call center…

Then I got rescued and sent to the IT department of the call center.

Some things will not change, as long as I have a phone and a computer at my job.


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This here little Sysadmin ia s NOOB.

So far I’ve exploded printer toner all over myself, managed to cause an entire run of mass mailings to come out misprinted, which of course when I was asked to explain the problem had to chalk it up to user error on my OWN part, and today I spent the greater part of the day swapping out hardware in the wrong tower, since I let a user with two towers deliver one for repair, and didn’t find out till he called up later complaining that the computer he still HAD wasn’t working, because he gave me the wrong tower and was trying to use the keyboard and screen for the one he no longer had.

I keep thinking that the users know everything I know, since I’m a nooblet at this, but I’m learning over time, that the average person does not actually give two shits what is going on inside the computer, or what it’s full breadth of functionality are, they just want it to do the one specific thing they need for their job function.

For some people that means it’s nothing but an Excel and Email machine…

I really am going to need to learn to be more careful about how I do things, not just with the users though, after all when you have to tell the higher ups that the user error was committed by IT… well that’s not a good day.

Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair…. and sometimes it’s me.


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Movin on Up

So, after two months on the phones, I’m going to be leaving them behind.

I was anxious about this at first, majorly anxious, the possibility of my moving was floated a little over a week ago, and just the other day I spent a day shadowing the IT guy so he could feel me out and I could get my toes in the water and see if it was something I was going to want to do.

So when the question was put to me today,  I decided to take the management up on an offer to go train in the IT department to replace the IT fellow who’s going to be gone in a few short weeks. I’ll be following him for that time, learning everything he does and how to do it myself when he’s gone. I’ll have one co-worker, an Indian lady who works from home two days a week… and that’s it. We’re running a skeleton crew at the moment, as there’s been a recent bout of turnover, which took the department supervisor just recently. I’m told we’ll get a new one soon.

It’s a possibly temporary stint, they want me to do it on phone trainee pay for the first 45 days, as a temp still, and then after that if I do well I can be hired on as a real company employee and we’ll discuss IT related pay at that time, but still it’s a thing to do, and I’m eager to see if I can do it. I would love to get back into the computer world. It’s not Flash Development, but we all know that Apple’s not going to let up till they completely kill that one… soooooooo the move to IT seems prudent unless I want to spend the rest of my life in telephone customer service.

Funny how things happen isn’t it? Not an opportunity I anticipated when I took this job.

I am most pleased.


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Rocking Apples!!!

This job kicks apples.

I’m working insane amounts of overtime, because they’ll give it to me, and the pay isn’t exactly great, but hey, I’m working again, and the work is actually super fulfilling.

I’ve always been a repository of useless information, parroting it back on cue, or without one, so it’s natural I should find a job where someone stuffs my head full of information that I’m expected to regurgitate as requested to be simple and enjoyable.

I mean of course there’s assholes on the phone, and there always will be, but I’m not particularly bothered by them since they’re way far away, and my supervisors will back me up as long as I stay on script and remain polite. After all… ALL calls are recorded so they can always go back and listen and hear that I did what I was supposed to do and it was the caller who was the jerk of the century and I’m just fine thank you very much.

I just love rolling in each morning, popping on my headset and getting ready to rock the queue, watching my call count slowly rise setting speed goals and trying to meet them. I’m still not doing spectacularly on call quality. All it takes is 3 errors in a two week time (with my speed) to knock you down from the top level to the next tier down on quality… and only another two from there to the next one down, and that’s if you’re at my speed, since it’s percentage based you can make even fewer errors when you’re going slower. Errors can be really little annoying things too.. like misspelling Poughkeepsie while entering someone’s new address into the system… or forgetting to put it in your call notes that you updated their zip code because it had two transposed digits.

Still, when I get on the non-temp payscale, the speed and quality I’m producing currently should get me a pretty good per-call rate. I’m really looking forward to the ability to give myself a “raise” with my own performance improvement.


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Flying Colors

Sooooo… clearly I’ve got this call center thing totally in my pocket. I got 102% on my test today, highest grade in my class. There’s me and I’d say about two others that are really gonna rock this, plus one guy who could rock this if he spoke better English.

I was really hoping we’d get to take our first calls today, but our two class disruptors decided to try and argue their grades with the instructor, so he had to explicitly explain why the answer to various questions WAS the answer to those questions and why their particular answers were not correct. Otherwise I bet we’d be on phones already.

In better news I did get to go clean up and set up my cubelet. It’ll be nice to have something approaching a cubicle again, even if it’s a pale shadow of a proper cube. It’s still a space I can live in, and keep the way I like it. I’m looking into getting some fancy pushpins on etsy since there’s so many rules about what you can and can’t have out there and I’d really like to properly personalize my space.

So after work as a reward I headed down to the Staples and got myself a badge reel, because eff this annoying lanyard, and headed up to Saratoga Springs to get the Microdermal I’m always talking about but never get. It’s sore!!! I can’t wait till I can take the bandaid off in a few days.

Back in the workforce and kicking some butt!!!


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