Genericon Report 2005- Day One…

Whaoo!!! Yay Genericon… it’s another year’s Genericon Report. Genericon, of course is RPI’s Annual Anime/Sci-Fi/Fantasy Con Held at My College… (Go Here for the beginning of last year’s.) So yesh… following the same format as last year… here we go!!!

12 noon- Last Class of the Day ends… bound back to room and call mom to drop off the pants… quick trip to the union to buy sharpie markers, and hit the ATM for con cash, put the final touch on this years Cosplay costume, (Ibuki Maya) Sewing a barrette onto it as a stat bar and figuring out the Belt situation, while watch Judging Amy on TV.

1:30pm– Get the pants from mom, and head back to the dorm… finish cleaning the room for company, and catch a quick shower and blow dry hair to get a more Ibuki esque do.

2:30pm- Get into costume… watch more TV boredly…

3pm- Rachel and Erin are due any minute… start pacing a bit… feed the fish… double check that I’ve got everything I need in my seat cushion bag.

3:45pm- Rachel and Erin arrive. Run down to the street, slightly cold, and assist with the Parrallel parking operation… take Rachel’s stuff up to my room for her to leave it there.

4:15pm- Arrive at Con. Head of the Line!!!!

4:30pm- Other people beginning to show up, including last year’s Sephi, hearafter known as Jen, or Cirque de Solei, and last year’s Army Sid… who’s now… some other Sid… and shall be known as Sid Alpha… as a second Sid Soon arrived (Mop and Goggles Sid,) who shall be hereafter known as Mop Sid. Also there’s a Ty from Digimon, directly behind us in line… an Usagi from Sailor Moon, and what I assume to be an grown up evil Chibiusa… and varios other cosplayers…

4:45pm- The line is relocated, so now we are second in line, because some other people relocated faster.

5pm- Get our co badges and proceed into the con… this is where it gets good *Nods.* Head to the AMV room to watch what they are showing this year… some of them bore me a bit… but some of them were really good… like the Evangelion Bebop opener… and “Chihuahua” and the Baka song… and “I wish I was a Lesbian.” Now I want to do an A/O video to that song.

6pm- Opening ceremonies. I missed these last year so it was interesting to see.

6:30pm- Dinner at the Rathskeller… no lines yet because the other con-goers haven’t found it yet… they’re probably up in the McNeil room all confused like.

7pm- Return to the Con and head for Karaoke. I sang “Zankoku na Tenshi no TE-ZE” with Darren… he narfed up the second verse and the tech dude cut of my mike because he thought I was narfing it up. Redeem myself later, by singing “Yakusoku wa Iranai” by myself… wish again that they had “Tomodachi” or “Kaze ga Fuku Hi.” Poor Rachel can’t sing because me and Darren already did the song she wanted… Sorry Rachel!!!

9pm- Try to hit the dealer room… it’s closed. Decide to call it a night. Head back to my room and watch AMVs. Unfortunately since neither Erin nor Rachel has Seen Serial Experiments Lain… and Rachel can’t watch the Escaflowne AMV’s or she’ll be spoiled… all I have left are Evangelion AMV’s and that gets stale after a while…

10pm- Hop in the car and bring Erin to her Aunt’s… it’s so far out in the middle of no place… we fear several times that we’ve passed it already.

10:45- Get back to my room… Start Rachel on some Lain.

12 midnight- We Call it a night, and head for bed… well I head for bed… Rachel heads for a sleeping bag on the floor.


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