Genericon Report 2005- Day Two…

As usual, Saturday is the Big Day at the con!!!

9am- We wake… my alarm clock ish loffy…

9:30am- Go get Erin.

10am- Arrive back at Con… and hit the dealer rooms… buy far to much Pocky. We head back to my room for a bit just to drop of the spoils of our conquests before heading back to the con…

11ish- Go to see “Ghost in the Shell” step out several times to talk to the ‘rents on the phone about borrowing the digital camera.

1pm- Miss the last 4 minutes of the movie to head down and get the camera… say a quick goodbye to Rachel and Erin and head for Trevor Rehersal… still in Cosplay.

3pm- Stop by the dealer room… buy more Pocky… then dart over to get online for the Cosplay Contest Prejudging. Talk with a lady from Looneylabs who’s in front of me in line as a character from Record of Lodos Wars… the Melanie and her friends who I met last year Dressed as a Kougra and varios other things… are behind me in their secondary outfits… I don’t know WHO Mel is, but she has a large Spatula. Oh… and two people ahead of me is Metron Prime… poor dear has a serious loss in his range of motion wearing that much cardboard.

4pm- Cosplay meeting that tells us how it’s going to work out and gets us all in line “backstage” which is really in the tunnels under the DCC, back by the freight elevators… Yack with other’s backstage… including the big suit people in front of me… Bowzer and an Arcanine…

5pm- Cosplay Masquerade gets started…. The line starts moving… I pick this time to develop the first case of stage fright I’ve had in a decade… but Maya’s timid so it works out. The announcement guy improvised VASTLY on what I’d written for my introduction, for which I am extremely grateful, because it was a huge improvement over what I wrote. (What I wrote SUCKED.) I was like… 4th or 5th to last out of like, 25 people/groups… so it was kind of nerve wracking all that waiting.

I guess I can take this moment to boast a little, because I won Best Craftsmanship in the Novice Category. Try to escape as quick as possible… but Erin demands that I stand back up so she can get a better picture… (begin to feel like I’m taking up more than my fair share of time.)

In the youth category the Craftsmanship award went to Melanie’s sister the Unicorn type thing, and the Experienced winner was the Arcanine. Super Smash Brothers (Bowzer and Link) won in the Experienced Presentation, and the girls in Pink Dresses from a Show I’ve never heard of won Youth in that category… I don’t actually remember who won Novice in that… Shame on me. Optimus Prime was the Judges Choice, and The “Cosplay Squirrels” also known as the Fruits Basket Group, won Best in Show.

6:15- Arrive late to “New on Fansub.” We watch all that… and then…

8pm- Head over and come in late on “Melody of Oblivion.” I would like to point out that it’s almost absurd them locating that girl’s tattoo on her inner thigh. I do hope that’s vauge enough that people who haven’t seen it aren’t spoiled… you’ve no idea what girl I’m talking about… so there.

10pm- Take Erin Home…. We know our way this time… so it’s all cool.

11pm- Rachel and I play “Karaoke Revolution.” She basically whoops my ass. (I sang Three Dog Night’s “Joy to the World” at one point… but it was awful, because I learned it from Scully in “Detour.”)

1am- Eye of Argon time again!!! Woot. The group was split in half this year because there were too many people. We picked the right group though cause the other group quit after only 10 pages. Somehow I wound up with one of the most absurd parts of the story… near the end… but I have great respect for the girl who got past “urinary organ” without laughing, as that was twice as laughable at LEAST. I’m not sure Rachel enjoyed it though so I felt a bit bad.

3:45am- Head for sleep.


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