Genericon Report 2005- Day Three…

Didn’t get much sleep last night…. Eye of Argon and All…

9:30am- Reset the Alarm to give us more time to sleep.

10am- Wake… have caffeinated soda for breakfast.

11am- Go get Erin, chill out in the dealer rooms till noon.

12 noon- Attend the Triva Contest. I don’t participate because I don’t know much about anything at all… Erin is the only one of the three of us who even bothers turning in her test. Compared to me the girl’s an encyclopedia of Anime. One of the answers to a question asking the name of a secret society in some Anime I’ve never seen is “Andreas Katsulas.” I cackle. The Test maker dude looks up and says “Oh you Got that?” I guess he didn’t expect anyone else to get the joke until he pointed it out… which he did after the question was answered, that “Andreas Katsulas” is in fact, the actor who portrays G’kar on Babylon 5.

1pm- Take more pictures of other Cosplayers, who have come for the Cosplay Panel, before joining Rachel and Erin at the new location for the end of the Trivia Contest.

2ish- We go watch “Chrono Crusade,” till the end of the Con.

5pm- Closing Ceremonies… After which I walk Rachel and Erin to Rachel’s car… then go home and Crash… assemble my models… eat some Pocky… The Official End of Genericon 2005… for me.


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