It’s that time of year again…



You’ll recall I blogged about these last summer. I can’t believe I only mentioned them in detail that once, but I suppose any further mention of them is redundant… I think some of you need to go back and check those commandments cause there have been some major violators as of late.

I’ve got this stack of Yellow Forms, and I’m going to be mailing them back to the idiots who sent them… I’m just trying to decide weather or no to include a copy of the 10 commandments of laptop forms.

They come in each day, and this year in addition to opening, stamping, alphabetizing and post card mailing, I also get to cross check and inter file them. That means I check a list printed out from the database that all the forms were entered into, against the original hard copies to make sure they are all in there and correct and things, and then I add the small alphabetized pile, to the large alphabetized file… it’s all very tedious, but thus far I have no paper cuts.

Mary’s on Vacation, so I’ve been playing my own music lately, which usually means Weird Al and Tom Leher in the morning, then Evanescence, which usually runs out around the same time till the mail comes… then Babylon 5 Sound track (which is all orchestral with no words) while I do the paperwork… and then a wildcard for the last half hour… usually depending on what sort of paperwork I have left at that point. I like my routine.


Hogwarts IRT is being loverly… Leena did a new layout, and it’s all PHPish, and there’s such cool things going on and yesh… it’s summer now, finally. I’ve been out of school for months now *Higgles.* I’ve been working, when I can get the time, on designing some… well I can’t say, but it requires me to get out my trusty #2 pencil and my sketch book, so it’s gonna be great.

Now… I have things to do!!! Yesh… ttyl!!!


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