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Guess what. That’s right. Animation Survey again. Bored. Again. My Psych Professor says that ADHD used to be called “Childhood Schizophrenia” which I think explains a my oddities. We’re starting a group project in my IT course and I’m not entirely certain about one of my group members. We haven’t even started yet and already he’s panicking. Chill out. I expect to get home after class and see several e-mails demanding to know what I’ve done so far… even though we just started today.

The Professor just gave Jim Henson’s Muppets as an example of stop motion animation. This makes me want to become violent with him… but I won’t. He’s head of the department and possibly, just possibly, there’s stop motion in Muppet Movies… someplace obscure. There’s certainly rotoscoping… at least in Labyrinth… he should have used it as an example for that.

Supposedly, according to the Professor… Betty Boop was into bestiality…. I guess that’s what’s up with Bimbo… her anthropomorphized dog friend. He says she was a “Hoochy Coochy Girl” of the 20’s… which is mildly disturbing… but she does predate Mickey. When she talks… it’s called a “Talkcartoon.” Those were after Mickey though… the Professor didn’t specifically say that but he did say “Steamboat Willie was the first thing ever to use synced sound…” and that’s Mickey.

I’m really tired, and I’m sure I’ve got rehearsal again tonight, so I really hope I don’t’ have an e-mail from that guy from my group. Any night but tonight. I just need to sleep. I’m stopping by the store on the way home for milk and chips, and then I’m going to do my Animation Homework and take a nap before rehersal. Meh.

Still no reply from a message board, which shall remain nameless, where I received a warning for an apology I made to another member… ( I assume the apology was read as sarcastic, because there’s no other reason to get mad at someone for apologizing. I’m afraid to go back there as it is, because if you can get yelled at for saying “um” (as in “Um Hello, I’m new here,”) and receive warning points for an apology… then it’s entirely possible I’ve been banned for asking for clarification on my warning. I don’t want to find out I’ve been banned… I can’t deal with that. I’ve never even been warned before. I’m a GOOD girl. I try so hard to follow the rules… I swear to god I’ve never seen a place this strict before. *Sigh.* I went out of my way to be PC about everything I said there, so I wouldn’t’ insult anyone. I got into more trouble for trying to be polite than I probably would have for just ignoring the fact that someone felt I’d wronged them. Meh. I’ve seriously considered getting the admins on other boards I frequent to write e-mails vouching for my character, but I can’t drag them into this. (Especially when I’ve dropped out of sight on a lot of those boards, in favor if these boards.) But they would know that I’ve a tendency to apologize at the slightest fear that I’ve offended someone. Well… unless I meant to. But if I meant to I wouldn’t apologize sarcastically…. I’d tell someone flat out they deserved it. I’m blunt like that. I don’t do passive aggressive. Bur really if you are going to rip someone a new one… that’s what e-mail is for. Keep it off of message boards. I need to find another place to discuss television.



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