It’s to late for the Pebbles to Vote

In the Words of Ambasador Kosh, “The Avalanche has already started, it is to late for the pebbles to vote.” It’s April 22nd… and the end of the year rush is on.

The end of the school year is drawing nearer and nearer, and I still have to do an Event Crituque for my imaging class. Last night I went out to a ‘film festivle’ and it turned out to be more of a Peace Rally than anything else… we showed up 10 miniutes late for an hour and a half event, and missed all the films. I’m not sure if I can do my crituque on that… At least I’ve finished my Flash project for this class…

I still have to take the Gateway, and I STINK at Integration, which is what the Gateway is on this time around, but I DID get an 85 on the last test…. so I’m getting bettar at the math overall.

I still have to take the Chem Final on the 6th… and Lord only knows if I’m even gonna pass that class…. *Sigh.*

And of course I have a poster session tomorow night for Biology, and a final Draft of our Report is due then, and we still havt to assemble the poster later tonight…. Gag….

Oh and Horror of Horrors…. Mots is gone…. *Sighs.* It wasn’t so good anyhow ever since that new guy took over. Doesn’t matter anyhow… all my Skins and such have been moved over to My Mayonnaise, in a section that’s been on deck to go up in that eventuality. So their all safe and sound. At least somthing is working out…


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