Taxing Times

Ok, so I stink as a Blogger… I can’t keep up… I miss an average of 2 out of three days, but hey… that’s life… I stink at alot of things… but that’s ok… I’m proud of it.

Well… classes are over here two weeks from tomorow, and I’m not sure I want them to be. Yes, when they are over I won’t have to go to class anymore… but that’s when finals start, and then after that, I get my grades… I’m really dreading that. Next year I need to come up with a better way of keeping track of what I’m getting in any given class. I need to record my grades… in an excel sheet or something… that would work, and I need to start it right from the first day.

Next year I get to live in a Single, in the Quad, which is closer to the buidlings where classes are taught, and everything goes on… so that should be better, and I’m be taking better classes too… *Sighs.* But this year I still have to get through chem, pull up my Calc grade, and Survive the Bio Final Project (For more on thea check back to “The Germs are out to get Me” and “8 hours in a Lab.”) We have to write a report on what we found there now… the fist draft is due today, and we are getting together later to put thi finishing touches on it… I can only hope that the one guy who had to leave eariey last night, did what he said he would, so we can splice that in.

And it’s Gateway time again!!! (See “Of Mice and Math”) And I have to work on learnign to integrate… I should know it already, but I sorta bombed that unit, at the begingin of the term. Lucky me we haven’t needed it since, but here we are back to Gateway… Last Semester it was Differenciation… this semester, it’s Integratrion… I hate integration…

So while the grown ups in the real world run amuch trying to get thier taxes in, I get to run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to wrap up all the loose ends before the end of the semester… and I still have to find an event to write a crituqe on… drat.

Oh well… off to classes…


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