Lets do the Time Warp Again!!!

Sorry about Thursday and Friday…. there isn’t much to tell, I spent most of both days, well… working on Calculus and Chemestry… *Sighs.* Except of course… Thursday night… *Grins.* Which is probably the cause of all of this, as I spent Thursday night, from 10 to 12, at the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Do you remember? Doign the time Warp… *Higgles.* Lets do the Time Warp Again!!! It was the most interesting experiance of my life… I threw rice, and waved wlashlights, and hid under newspapers, breifly… but they fell off when we was doing flashlights… and we shouted at the screen… I even shouted some… and the RHPS regular I went with threw tiolet paper… And we danced the Time Warp!!! Well I tried… I sorta messed up the part where they lyric aren’t telling you what to do. *Higgles.*

Friday… Friday I went to classes again, I had a test, I came home, cleaned my room did a bunch of calc practice problems and read some from my chem book… Ugh. Then I went to my first Sev Judging Session!!! It was FUN. *Grins.* Two Firsts in Two days!

Then I went to sleeps… *Sighs,* or at least I TRYED!!! My neighbors were at it again!!! (See Entry: “Of Mice and Math”) From some time after 1, untill at least a half hour after 2, my neightbors were talking, arguing and doing lord only knows WHAT in the hallways!!! I wanted to SLEEP. *Grumblse.*


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