Does anybody know what time it is?

Does anybody Even Care?

Yeah… Ok, so it sounds like a bad William Shatner Comercial. But honastly… I’m coming to realize just how subjective time realy is. To me, this is the late night, to my family, this is the middle of the night, to half the other people at my College, the night is young. Wait… why does “The Middle of the Night” come AFTER “Late At Night”? That’s not right… late in the night should come after the Middle of the night… but it doesn’t… of course not… ENTROPY!!!

And it also changes speed…When I’m sitting in Calculus lecture 50 minutes seems like an eternity, but when I’m working on a lab report in my room at my desk, it’s like all I did was blink!!! That’s the trouble with time… it won’t work around us, we have to work around it instead. And there’s nothing to be done about it.

And that is my excues for missing a day. (I say only a day, because as far as _I_ am concerned it’s still tuesday… It’ll be Wendsday, afterm I’ve slept.) After all, this is the only real free time I have. Last night I was bussy from 12-1 making a new desktop for my computer. I like to do that…. *Higgles.* No using other people’s desktops no no no not for this eMAC. It’s a matter of pride. Right now my computer is sporting a nice Ibuki Maya Theme I like to call “End of Eva: A Pure Heart for You… Ibuki Maya” Cause personaly I think she’s got one of teh purest hearts in the show… it’s got her standing looking happy with her laptop in the forground, and I used some screanshots of her hiding under the desk for the rest, along with that exchange about how she can’t shoot at people. *Higgles.* Man oh man…

I’m glad today is over. I don’t think I could realy take much more of today. That’s realy all I need!!! Tomorow we have off to elect Grand Marshal and the Presidant of The Union and things…. it’ll be realy interesting. *Grins.* I’m going to buy candy after I vote, and go home and catch up on my studying. I have to much catching up to do… it seems like it’s never done!

I know alot of people who study late into the night, but around 9 or 10 at night, my brain just shuts down. I think it’s because that’s when all the Dexidrine is compleatly out of my system. I know that it STARTS wearing off between 3 and 8, depending on when I took it in the morning (between 7 and 12), but I don’t think it’s ALL gone till 9 or 10, and when it is… it’s all over. couple that with just generaly being tired and I’m out. The best I can do is curl up in front of the TV with my laptop and work on my website… blog you… ect.

It’s like the teachers all synchronize when they are gonna dump new asignments on us… so it goes in spurts. There are five or six days where I have no time at all ecept if I forfeit sleep and stay up till 2, and then there are 3 or 4 days where I get done with my work around 5 or 6, or put it off till 5 or six, and get it done by 9 or ten…

I never have Free time like that on Monday or Tuesday though… Cause I have class till late. Till 8 and 9 respectively, so I have to get my work done durring the day, or risk burning out before I finish. That’s never good… that results in me taking from 10 to 2 to do something tha tI could have done from 7 to 8 easily… *Shrigs.*

Ok, enough of my ramblings about ME… this isn’t about ME… wait… it is… it’s MY Blog… but realy, I don’t want to be all like, conceited. *Higgles.* Today was rather much the same as things ususaly are… On Tuesday… it’s creapy… *Sigh.* I think I’ll go do something productive now, like… Sleep! Yeah…. I’ll turn out the lights, watch the end of this Ep of TXF and go to sleep… after all, I have to be up at 9 to see B5!!!


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