Ice Ice Baby

Well here I am in West Hall… isn’t it loverly? But to get here I had to go down an extrordinarily long outdoor staircase covered in ice. Because EVERYTHING is covered in ice, and no one thought to put down rock salt or anything no heaven forbid we do anything productive. I got here, because I had class at 10, but as it trns out all classes till 12 are cancled.

So here I am, hagning out with the TA, who ALSO didn’t know that the classes till 12 were cancled, Blogging and doing some Maple work… and I go to open an new window in my browser (my homepage is set by default to the college’s info page) and saw a NEW update on the situation… Campus Closing at 12, all Classes Cancled… Sooooo…. now I get to walk all the way back up to my dorm room… up hill on icy paths… in the (literaly) frezing rain.

I’m goin go back to my dorm, and maybe pick up some food along the way, after all, I’m not entielry certian that the food halls will be open past 12…

They have to be… right? I mean… all non-essential staff get to go home… but feeding the on residant students is essential right? It is too me… Oh boy… well… I’ve got some Ramen Noddles if they don’t.

Wish me Luck!!!


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