8 Hours in a Lab…

I been 8 hours in a Biology Lab. From 2 till 10 today… I battled my new arch nemisis, no… not the infamous ‘Na’ Molecule… Escheria coli!!!

I the cultures finaly grew, so we were finaly able to do what we set out to do from the start. KILL EM ALL!!! *Dances.* We did a growth assay ans zapped em all with Ampicillin, (an anty-bee-o-tic) to disolve thier cell walls and pop them all wide open!!! *Cackles.*

But still… to be there for 8 hours? Ok, granted, I had a half hour long break to go eat dinner while the other two watched the stuff, but then I had an hour and a half where I was alone with the E. coli. *Shrigs.*

At least I amuse myself.


I go Sleepy.


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