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Well here I am again, after spending a week without internet, and then another two weeks on limited internet, because I was at home and not college, I’m back! There’s so much that I have to say, but I don’t remember half of it…. I know I had a lot because I made a note to tell you about it… but… I forgot what it is. So bear with me if this seems a little scattered:

Pre Christmas: A day or so after mom recovered from squirting super fast drying 5 second fingernail superglue in her eye, specifically on Dec 23, we opened Christmas presents… I gots a really awesome plasma lamp in the shape of a star, and a curling Iron and shirts and things… IT was cool… kind of a whoville christmas… like I said before.

Christmas: We opened our stockings in NJ. I got my Chap Sticks and tic tacks I did the thing with the nut… and slept on Grandma’s couch.

The rest of that trip: I bought myself Unleashed and played a lot with it… then we went to NYC… I HATE NYC… but the part we visited this time isn’t as bad as the last coupla times when we wound up in like Times Square type area. This time we were in Chelsea. It’s not NEARLY as claustrophobic there. I also spent a lot of time proofing the last 5 Chapters of ‘Mind Games’ that were already written… (I uploaded them today!) and started work on Chapter 11.

New Years: I had my first Screwdriver. BIG MISTAKE. By midnight I was ready to be fast asleep. It tasted pretty darn good though. Comparative to bear or wine at least. All this being served in my own house and by my own parents and therefore perfectly legal in my state.

Subsequent to New Years: I downloaded Sims Transmogrifyer to work on making a Babylon 5 style door for my B5 family. I worked more on The X-Files “What We Don’t Let her know” and Chapter one of The X-Files “Phoebe Again” Camped out on the couch and occasionally ventured upstairs to leach internet from the den. I did my folkses laundry and my laundry but not my brother’s laundry cause his room is a royal mess. I watched my copy of the Carol Burnett version of Annie, and looked up where the girl who played (Toni Ann Gisondi) Molly is now (Substitute teacher in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.), and then for my mother I looked up what Catherine Zeta Jones was in that she would know (America’s Sweethearts) and what on earth had John Leguizamo been in that she had seen his face in… (Nothing.. but he WAS the Voice of Sid in Ice Age) I packed and I came back to College…

College: I unpacked, caught up on my internet, and downloaded my schedule into my PDA… went to classes… baught textbooks… uploaded the 5 new chapters of “Mind Games” and posted this!!!

And yes…. I am aware that the title of this entry is an awful pun… but it’s about a sandwitch dressing… so it’s alowed.


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