Of Mice and Math…

It has been said, that “The best laid plans of mice and men, often go astray.” So to, do the best laid plans of female college freshmen.

My Plan for today was to get up at 8, go to 9am mass, and get a jump on the day. Go meet the math TA at 10, take the Gateway Exams (A proctored computerized Calculus Exam, the grade I get on it is the Maximum grade I’m alowed to get in the course,) from 12 to 6.

Well that was the plan I made at 10 last night before I watched some TV and went to bed.

My Plan CHANGED at 5 am this morning, when I STILL hadn’t gotten any sleep. Two different groups of my neighbors got into a fuede or something in my hallway for no apparent reason.

Yeah. That’s when I knew there was no way in heck I was getting up at 8. 3 hours of sleep is NOT enough. So I got up at 10 instead. A little under 5 hours of sleep. Lovely.

Went to the TA’s review Session. A little late, and went at 12 to take the Gateway Exams again. I got another 9. I already had a 9. I want a 10. A perfect score.

The best laid plans…

I tryed again, but got burnt out on 4 hours of sleep and an empty stomach. So I went home, ate, took a nap and studied. Then I went to late mass.

I lost alot of my day to those jerks. *Grumbles.* So here’s a little word to anyone living in a dorm, particularly freshman at college who may not realize it yet: The amount of noise you make at night is not just a nucance to people. It can ruin entire days. Or realy (bleep!) somone up on finals. Be considerate, and put a lid on it. ESPECIALY durring finals week.



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