So yes, I’ve noticed now that I’m using WordPress and have this lovely tag cloud over down on the side, how very very small the MayoWare category is. Clearly that needs to change. I Facebook about things that are going on with the shop, and Flickr them, but I fail at blogging MayoWare… so… here I am blogging MayoWare.

I had an order come in requesting a modification on the “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” braided cuff, with the colors of the Gay Pride Flag. Now that is not only a reasonable request but something I should have in my regular inventory. Cue the search for violet purple seed beads, because you can’t have a Pride Flag without purple.

That brought me to a site called 1-2-3 Stitch, which is not the sort of place most jewelry makers go I would venture for their supplies, but it so happens they have a terrific selection of seed beads in both the size for the braided and wrapped cuffs (0/11) and for the casual cuffs like the Arrakis (0/6).  Certainly a much better selection thereof than my local Michael’s.

So I got my purple beads, more metallic Arakkis beads, the periwinkle blue seed beads I was out of that put the Wood Elf braided out of stock… the colors I need to ensure the Phoenix braided does not suffer the same fate, and some more colors of 06/ beads for more types of casual cuff.

Now if I could just get around to photoing the several colors of tiara,  steampunk earring and beaded ripple I made back in early October, then I could justify designing new things, but I really can’t justify that when I have designs I still haven’t listed for sale.


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