State Farm

So it seems to be, that “Data Entry” really means staring at a scanner all day long while it runs large batches of paper thru, and making sure it doesn’t double pull or scan folded paper or anything. On the one hand this only underlines how painfully underemployed I am, but on the other hand, it’s actually somewhat relaxing. I’m pretty sure if I get a good playlist going on my iPod I should be able to do this job without going completely out of my mind.

Unfortunately the position may not last as long as I thought since it seems we temps were brought on to replace the rats leaving the sinking ship as this mail processing center gets phased out. Some time in December the mail is supposed to all get routed to Atlanta, and then it’s only a matter of time before I’m looking for another job again.

In other news, I’ve finally found the mythical place of employment with no refrigerator that I was lectured on way back in the days of mSS. Of course I also have no standard desk of my own, and no place to put my coat other than on the back of the chair at the scan station I’m currently using, whichever one that is. I trained today on Scanner 5. I call him Fred.

They do, on the other hand, have a very good cafeteria, or, at the very least, have a cafeteria that makes a very good provolone cheeseburger. I’ll have to reserve judgement I guess until I’ve had some other things to eat in it.

Regardless it was wonderful to be out of the house, I think I’m training way faster than they expected (a Capuchin monkey could do this stuff.)  I’m really hoping that if I keep learning quickly they’ll train me on prep or indexing, which are more mentally challenging tasks at the very least. I think I’d rather index than prep tho… I’ve already got one hell of a paper-cut today and I’ll bet the prep team gets even more.

Yes it’s likely to be short term, but I’m going to do it 110%!!!

And how better does one celebrate the first day on a new job? SHOPPING!!!! Ok, I’m bad… normally I wouldn’t do this but Kenzie has a grip on me! So we laid out an order today for some DollB, and some Nubanded goodies for her, and some stuff on the Den of Angels Marketplace, even tho her MMBrand stuff still hasn’t shipped. Yes… I’m bad. But at least I’ve stayed off the eBay!!!


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