DollB Stuff is Here!!!

DollB Jeans DollB Green Jeans DollB Shoes DollB Shoes DollB Dress and Shoes DollB Shoes

The things I ordered from DollB got here today! I was so excited to see that they were here on package tracking, only to get home and find a certified mail slip. They missed me!!! But then I remembered that with this job, I get out in time to hit up the post office for my package before it closes!

So I grabbed my keys and set off without so much as my coat and ran up to the post office and got my package!

I cannot glow enough about these items. The shoes are all unimaginably cute and the jeans are adorable with their little working pockets and their snap flies. I only wish I could have got some blue ones, but they’re sold clean out. The dress is just darling and I even like the headband, which I wasn’t really sure about… it comes with the dress. I thought if I didn’t like it I’d just ditch it on the marketplace. Surely someone would want it… but… I think _I_ want it!

I’m thrilled with the little micro velcro closures on the white mary janes and blue butterfly shoes, but I must admit to some misgivings about the button closures on the black mary janes and red ones… I worry that the little button hole in the strap is going to tear in time.

Check out the details by clicking on the Flicker pictures above!!!


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