It has to get worse…

Before it can get better. Whatever I’ve got it’s not going away any time soon.

“Diagetic” – This week’s word longer than 3 syllables which the Professor has used, which of course he will now spend 15 minutes explaining in detail. It’s sound which exists in the cartoon world as opposed to non-diagetic sound, like the soundtrack. Diagetic, like “As Time Goes By” in Casablanca. I must have an entry some time entitled “Don’t shoot the Piano Player”

“I downloaded this thing. It’s called a Medly.” *Slap* We KNOW what a Medley is. Thank you so much Dr. Phill.


If this caught keeps up I’m going to start suspecting Walking Pnumonia. Oh Look… Propaganda. That’s right we’re studying Propaganda…

Lindburg was a Nazi Supporter? No wonder they took his baby. Still not nice though…. It’s not like the baby did anything. Oh Man… how many classes am I gonna have where they bring up Lennie Refenshtal? (sp?) She made a terrific documentary for a terrible cause. We get it already. Ford was a Nazi Sympathizer too? No wonder his cars Suck. Can we get to the FILMS already… I want to Watch Cartoons…


Oh What? They’re on now? Heheheh… hehehehe…. Hehehe… Is it wrong to get a huge kick out of the Gremlins From the Kremlin, taking apart Hitler’s Plane in Mid Air? Hehehehe…. Hehehezzzzz….

What? Oh… I’m soooo sick. I just want to sleep now Please… Mmmmmmmnnnn….


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