Lovelies in my Mailbox!!!!

So in my continued effort to blog more about MayoWare and Etsy, I have here a moment of Etsy purchase review… which has NOTHING to do with Kenzie!!! I know. Rare, eh?

I recently went shopping for me… now I really like this seller Clover13, although I have to admit I’m not really chuffed about a good 50% of what’s in her store. Much of it looks hokey. The other 50% is really classy, so I went about to get this here locket for myself.

I’m going to continue recommending Etsy shops I like to shop at, because I like to, and because well… if you like what I like, then you’ll have all the more reason to have me in your circle!!! I’m going to do some back reviews of my favorite stuff I got before I started doing this too.

Also came home from work today to find my boots on the front stoop… and therefore I can now say with absolute certainty that I will be attending the Kingdoms of Novitas LARP for the first time this weekend.

There was some doubt when I wasn’t sure if my boots would be here. I had no desire to go running around the woods in the next best boots I’ve got as far as looking properly medieval. Those things give me the blisters after 4 hours indoors, nevermind running about in the woods.

But since all my Ashbourne friends have been pestering me to give it a try, I’m going to give it a whirl. Nick got me a space in the heated cabin, on a couch not a bunk, but as far as I’m concerned heat trumps bunk.

I’ll be a little late out on my way there, since I’ll have to finish out my day at work, but I’m totally looking forward to my first weekend LARP.

Catch you all on the flip side!!!


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