Nubanded arrives just in time for Halloween!

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So yesterday, when I got home from work, what was waiting for me but my order from Nubanded!!! I didn’t get into most of it until today, since I had fairly little time between coming home and when I had to go back out again to Lew’s Halloween Party, but I did open it up to get out Kenzie’s Halloween outfit which just looked absolutely adorable on her!!!

I was fairly sure I wasn’t going to have her Halloween outfit in time since package tracking was still saying it was being dealt with by “origin Post” i.e. the Thai postal service, and was therefore still overseas, but I guess they must have lost track of it crossing the ocean because it got here without ever leaving Thailand according to package tracking.

The outfits are all delightful, and she sent me a free pair of leggings… the shirts are a slightly odd cut, all of them a little bell shaped, and the decals slightly stiff and prone to crackage, like the ones you used to see on Barbie T-Shirts back in the 90s, but I love the way they look on and the boots I ordered are just what the doctor ordered!!! Check out the details by clicking on the Flicker pictures above… or these ones below from Kenzie at the Halloween Party!!!

Spoooooky Girl! Jack-O-Lantern Up on the bookshelf Trying to be frightening... In the Candelabra Halloween Buddies

Also the other day, I decided that the girl needs herself a teddy bear. So I went looking about and I found this great bear. Now the name is All4Blythe, but the bears and such she makes are in the 3 inch high range, and so will work well for Kenzie and any other Pukifee character that’s meant to be a little kid in a LittleFee scaled world.


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