“Don’t Shoot the Piano Player”

The Day before yesterday, In Russell Sage Dining Hall, waiting for the GF, I had a very interesting conversation, with a fellow named Yi. (Any student from RPI, now knows where this whole discussion is going… because everyone knows Yi.) He informed me, point blank, that my inability to do complex upper level calculus, or comprehend imaginary Numbers… means that I am, and I quote “a Barbarian.” He suggested that I should Gain a Fighter Level, and become literate. Now normally I might be insulted… except of course for the fact that Yi is, in fact, completely insane. There’s even a website about how insane he is. It’s not very good. But it exists… and does contain stories of other peoples encounters with the fellow… which back up my assessment, that he is, in fact, a total nut job.

Regardless, this brings up a good point. Artists, like myself, are frequently overlooked and undervalued in relation to scientists. Think about that some next time you get to thinking that artists are stupid, or lazy, or expendable. Then take a look around and realize just how much of the world is art. Not just the pictures on your walls, but the patterns on your clothes, the icons on your desktop, every song on your radio, every television program you watch, every webpage you surf (well… all the good ones) pictures on Postage Stamps, in Brochures, and Fonts you Scientists use in your badly cobbled together Power Point Presentations. (Oh sure they look fine… but everyone sees you used a template… a template made by an Artist.)

Artists are not stupid.- I’d like to see a Mathematician accurately not only predict, but influence a persons eye movements through a work of art, and memorize the complex design principals which separate good art, from great art.

Artists are not Lazy.- You spend three hours in a computer lab for 4 perfect seconds of animation. You battle with a Plotter Printer at 2am in the Morning, and then turn around and get up a 4 to catch that perfect Photograph of dawn.

Artists are Not Expendable.- Just you try and Live without art. See how much you enjoy Living.

Scientists Make Life Easier to Live.

Artists Make Life Worth Living.


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