Ding Dong the Hair Again…

This wicked hair again… I was so pleased when I got a Haircut… But I’m in another play, in which I have to grow it out. I’m thinking I should invest in a good, long brown wig… so I can avoid this shit, but they’d probably want to mess it up on me anyhow, so I can look good and prisonerish for “Man of La Mancha.” *Sighs.* So the hair is back. I bought some barrettes, as it seems I’m going to need them. I haven’t needed barrettes in years. I mean it’s not like it’s going to get that long in the next 6 weeks… so I’m not sending home to ask my mom to dig my box of headbands out… though I should probably get her to send some of those toothy circular things that go all the way round… that’ll keep the hair off the back of my neck. I hate hair brushing on the back of my neck. Right now I’m combating it by making a small ponytail with a barrette so it sticks out straight away from my head back there… but I suspect it looks rather silly, and I keep loosing the barrettes I put back there. *Sigh.*

Right then… off to Foley Rehearsal. Actually it’s probably going to be more of a Foley Build… but that’s fun too.


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