Alphas work much harder than we do, because they’re so frightfully clever

So, working as a scanner monkey, there’s generally a prohibition on actually thinking about what you’re doing or understanding any of it. We’re just to put the papers in, push the button, take them off… back in folder, print folder label… rinse repeat. In the land of Brave New World this is Delta work, at best.

And I’m an Alpha Minus. There’s a reason they made castes in that society, and I’m not condoning it but they are right, a person can go bats doing work that isn’t challenging them at all.

An Alpha-decanted, Alpha-conditioned man would go mad if he had to do Epsilon Semi-Moron work–go mad, or start smashing things up.

So I was pleased as punch this morning when I was trained on indexing. There’s thought involved! Discretion! Hunt out the claim or policy number, break it down into it’s components and enter that information into the system… actual DATA ENTRY. Gamma work!

And lo and behold a few hours later, I was asked if I wanted to train on vault. There’s only a very few people trained on vault. All dudes. The women and girls are out here doing the more secretarial type stuff at computers and use scanners and prep mail for the scanners. The vault is a bit of a boys club… now up one androgyne. See there’s a fellow Alpha, and RPI grad here, and he’s the main vault worker, and had the consideration to choose me when told he could pick a temp to help him out when he’s bogged under.

It’s cataloging and filing, up and down the aisles… it’s a lot like library work, which I haven’t done since I was a volunteer back in high-school only instead of shelving books I’m filing folders. It’s still just a simple numerical system, maybe… Gamma Plus work.

So now I’m actually trained in THREE different areas meaning I can float at the discretion of my supervisors to cover whatever of the three things I’m trained on needs me most. There’s areas of indexing I’m not yet trained in, but I hear they’re not training anymore preppers due to the impending closure and the fact that new preppers need a trainer over their shoulder for their first few weeks since there’s no way to computer track their errors when they’re working in meatspace.

So… what… one week in and I’m nearly maxed out on training? Yup. I still have the quick learning.


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