Yes, yes indeed, back in Animation Survey Class. I turned in my capstone Proposal on Monday so, no entry then… sorry. But here we are me behind again on my Webcomic. *Sigh* my hair has reached a point where I now look like a disheveled Centauri. It’s hideous. I’m only an inch or two away from the point where if I take the headband out I’ll look like Agethe de La Bouley in “The Girl” and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. I may have to start dressing like her to prevent girlyfication.

It’s warmer today… so I’m wearing my blue skirt… however combined with the hair halo on my head, this means I’m in danger of pulling a Mariska, to make a TV Metaphor. I look like a JeeJo. I want my short hair back. I look Like a GIRL!!! That’s it… that does it… where’s my v-neck sweater… the red one… with the built in white undershirt… I want my Liv Shirt!!!


“Hunger” is a purely creepy film. The first computer generated cartoon… seriously… there’s no other way to describe it… and for the record it’s not the animation’s fault… it’s the subject matter that’s weird. Indescribably weird… so I’ll stop trying to describe it.

Tonight we’ll get our costumes for Man of La Mancha, and I’ll get to see just how scruffy I am. The Costume lady is giving me a pocket in my vest so I can put Quijana’s money pouch in it when I steal it. Yey. *Higgle.*

“The first big milestone in 3d Animation, was the sexy robot.” He’s going on and on about the sex appeal of this Robot… it had better be something… … …WTF Mate?!? It’s a Canned Food commercial. What makes you think she’s supposed to be sexy… little misogynistic… GAH. This man’s head has come undone. I mean it’s spectacular but it’s not about Sex. It’s about CANNED GOODS.

*Bangs head on table until unconscious.*

“Who has or has not seen this Movie… Hands up.” WTF?

*Returns to unconsciousness.*


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