Hallo again. Long time no Write. Spring Break was pretty boring but that’s the way I like my breaks. Uneventful.

Tuesday I went to the mall… saw “Robots.” It was a good movie. I really liked it. It’s basically about misfits triumphing over normies. I also picked up DVDs of “Airplane” and “The Princess Bride.” They were pretty cheep for DVDs. Got some arm warmers at the Hot Topic, and Jelly Bracelets at the Dollar Store.

I went home Thursday to Friday, and saw the dog. She seems pretty good considering her inoperable tumor. She doesn’t seem to realize she’s got cancer. That’s good.

It’s hard to be overly concerned about her really though, when I’ve got my Aunt to Worry about. Please keep her in your prayers. The last sort of Chemo didn’t work too well… so yesh, any prayers/ positive energies/good thoughts you have to spare, please send some her way.

The GF and crew got back from Florida on Saturday and we hung out for the remainder of the weekend. All in all quite nice.

So here I am again, in Animation Survey, bored off my ass and wondering where the Professor is at. Dowsing said he’d be here within 5 minutes… but that was 3 minutes ago so I’m starting to wonder if… Oh… Speak of the Devil. “Blah Blah Blah” says the Professor. “Snore” say the students.


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