KoN – The World’s Smallest Ogre

So this weekend, was my very first foray to the town of Pinedale… the setting of the Kingdom’s of Novitas LARP. Having obtained my boots only days before, and kitted out in my tunic, belt and leggings from the now defunct Nocturne Macabre Dark Ages Vampire LARP, I arrived quite late to the Vanderkamp camping grounds, and promptly failed miserably at locating the Logicstics Center, finding myself at one of the out of game heated sleeping cabins instead. Luckily someone I know was there at the moment and he gave me directions to logistics, where I could check in, get directions to my bunk and where I was to report for NPC duty once unpacked. Upon finding Logistics, I was informed that due to a double booking error with the building which was usually Logistics… Logistics was in my bunkroom, because I had signed up for a couch in the living room slot in the cabin I was in… and that living room had become logistics.As annoying as I initially thought that would be, it turned out to have major advantages when I returned from NPC roles completely sacked and wanted to lay down. However at that point… I didn’t want to sleep with all the Logistics Going around so even as tired as I was, I took up NPCing. They sent me out on the role of “Farmer wants a Meal” to the Inn to eat,  (This is how NPCs get to eat on their shift.) I didn’t know I was meant to come back after eating, however so I wandered around Pinedale, and learned where everything was in town and observed a combat… and had my first death. I came in at 2am and kipped in my bunk in Logistics… and woke up the next morning to a full day of NPCing. I had a really great time on Saturday. It should be noted that due to a “no genderbending” rule at Novitas, and the fact that I have no major desire to explain what an androgyne is to them, I’m being sent out as full on female NPCs all the time, which I’m ok with.

NPC Roles of the Weekend:

  • Farmer wants a Meal – 1 Hit Point – Collateral Damage in Undead Attack
  • Wearwolf – 4 Hit Points, Monstrous – Slain with Silver in Battle
  • Mushroom Person – 2 Hit Points – Unceremoniously Ganked
  • Someone’s Sister – 1 Hit Point – Got Bitchslapped and Stomped off Home
  • World’s Tiniest Ogre – 8 Hit Points, Monstrous – Went down swinging
  • Bandit – 2 Hit Points – Never Found by PCs… Returned to Logistics
  • Farmer wants a Meal- 1 Hit Point – Finished Eating and Went Home to Kill Rabbits
  • Many Orcs – 2 Hit Points – Spent More time Respawning than in Battle
  • Cat – 9 Hit Points, Monstrous – Killed, Resurrected, Blunted, and Returned to Owner
  • Someone’s Wife – 1 Hit Point – Went to Sleep Safely in his Cabin
  • Hag – 4 Hit Points – Executed for Trying to Kill a Fae, and almost succeeding
  • Dancing Girl – 1 Hit Point – Went to go teach the wives how to Dance (Meta Much?)

I had absolutely THE most fun as the World’s Tinyest Ogre. I did more damage with the 8 foot long spear they gave me, which hit for 4 damage, than in any other role, and the football pads and layers of fur made my death very comfortable. I also really enjoyed being someone’s sister… it was all RP, apparently she doesn’t get along with her sister so we just screamed at one another in a field for a while.The cat was hilarious. I was wearing an orange cap (which meant I was out of game) and carrying a demented looking stuffed cat and a small beater boffer, because the cat clawed for one damage. The PCs killed it before they realized it was someone’s pet and then had to revive it, but then it ran from them and they had to blunt it down and give it over unconscious to it’s owner.

I learned my lesson about masks with the wearwolf. Do not take glasses off to use masks. Then you’re double-blind. If the mask won’t go over the glasses, decline the role. I also learned that combat NPCs are not necessarily the most likely to be injured. I banged up a knee as the Hag, and messed up an ankle as a Dancing Girl, and that was the end of the game for me, around 10pm on Saturday, even tho it went on till 2am for everyone else. I was so tired I managed to fall asleep on my couch behind a clothing rack, even tho Logistics were still in full swing.

In the morning, we had to strike the game… it was very similar to a show strike but with less power tools and more shelping things much further to a shed. Also I saw chickens and picked one up. All in all the game was super fun and I totally recommend it!

Of course… also I need more crap if I’m going to keep this up. I bought a bodice off one of the other players on Saturday morning, which I really like, and got a bowl during cleanup because apparently abandoned bowls get redistributed, and Strife is going to let me have her spare tankard, so I can eat… I’m also borrowing a pattern from him to sew my own wool cloak… but I have considered now the following as things I need to get to finish out my Novitas kit.

Novitas Shopping List:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Brown Leather Gloves
  • Brown Leather Sword Frog
  • Calamacil Short Sword
  • Belt Pouch
  • Coin Purse
  • Brown Leather Mug Strap
  • Brown Leather Mess Strap
  • Plain Wooden Chopsticks
  • NPC Pants and Tunic (for when what I have becomes my PC Outfit.)
  • NPC Belt
  • NPC Dress (Because most of the ones they have just don’t fit me.)
  • NPC Boots (Black ones for when my brown ones just don’t go.)

I have a short brown belt that I want to use for my PC… it’s modernish, but the idea is to belt it under the bottom of the bodice, so it looks like everything on it is attached to the bottom hem of the bodice… I think it’ll look kind of cool. I’m also considering some armour, but I don’t want to be too weighted down. I have to find out the rules, see if just bracers and spaulders would do anything, or see about a magic armour item if I can get something like that… and I need to remember to bring my own ace bandages and painkillers… because ow my ankles… and also my everything hurts… not in a horrible way tho… in the sort of post-show way.



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