They Don’t Call it Hell Week for Nothing

My head is going to pop. Seriously. I have Man of La Mancha Rehearsals Like every night, and I knew that would happen when I signed on… honestly I’m used to that sort of thing, but I didn’t expect Hell week for this Play to Fall on the week that my Professors decide to dump every project in the world on my head. I have HCI Group Meetings almost every day after classes, and when I don’t have that I have to be in the Animation Lab to finish my Animation 1 Homework, and except today I have to meet my mom after work because I need to do my Taxes, oh… and I have a Final Project Proposal due for Animation Survey. Blech.

I don’t know when I’m going to do my Animation 1 HW. I can do everything eles backstage at the play if need be. I can take my laptop and get it done… no problem. *Sigh.* I’m back posting two other entries today, that I wrote before but never had the chance to type up, so I’m keeping this short. No excuse to waste further time. My poor Webcomic is suffering and I haven’t spent nearly as much time on IRT as I should have been. But Before I go… I should like to bitch a bit more about my hair.

I have far more hair than I ever wanted right now. I could have had a haircut were I not in this play… but I am in this play… so I suck it up and grow it out, and take care of it and stuff. I’m willing to deal with that… for the show and all that jazz. What I’m not willing to do is to grow it out so that my head can be covered for the entire show and no one sees it anyway. During the course of this show, I’m wearing, a Bonnet, a Wimple, and a Burka. If no one is going to see my hair anyway… I want to cut it off NOW. Not after the show. NOW.

Ok… I’m done bitching about the hair. I have HW to be doing and I’m at work right now.


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