N’trol ampurk’assi lecococ ornell!

Well… My tank is a TWO gallon tank. *Nods,* Which I filled up the day after I got it, after rinsing my gravel and stuff, and had all set up to get a Fishy on Wednesday, but I didn’t cuz tha BF had a Staff Meeting and so I didn’t go out, but on Saturday I got myself a nifty Beta Fishy. He looks sorta black when he’s not got a light on him, but when the light’s on him some parts, mostly his head, but a little of his lower fin too are a matte red, and the rest of him is an Iridescent Blue/Green color.

I considered several names before naming the fish:
Zathrus: I nearly settled on this one… but… he doesn’t look like a Zathrus… maybe if he was yellow or tan or sommat… or even red… but… while no one listens to my Beta Fish… Zathrus he is not.
Neroon: I liked the Idea of naming the Fish Something Minbari… and he’s a dark colored fish, and a fighting fish, so a Warrior caste Minbari Seemed Appropriate… but… it Just didn’t fit.
Zah-Zee: I considered naming the fish for the recurring Zah in Minbari words such as Ithsill’zah and Entil’zah, and Zah’hadum… but that was just stupid.
Lecococ: (Pronounced Le’Co-coke) A Word in Minbari used in a Joke by Zooty, of Rebo and Zooty. (See Title) As Delenn said, while laughing hysterically: “You see, a lecococ means both ‘a small fish’…and–and the pleasure you get from meeting someone for the first time.”
Pikea: (PIE-Kya) The only non-B5 related name to make it onto the Shortlist, this was the name of the Protagonist in “Whale Rider” and her Ancestor, Presumably Male, so it’s ok to name the boy fish after her, if she was named after a guy *Nods.*

Rejected outright were the following:
Alpha: This one was Clever (Alpha Beta) but reminded me to much of a Character of the same name who’s the antagonist in my constantly revised and therefore not yet posted cuz it keeps changing, X-Files Fan Fic, “What we don’t Let her Know.”
Master: Equally Clever… but Lewd. My fish will not have a Lewd name.
Sushi: My Pet is not now nor shall he ever be on the Menu thank you much.
Nemo: He’s not a clownfish… and it’s been done to death anyways I’m sure.

I asked the Sev board for help… but… there wasn’t anything in there that was really screaming to get onto the shortlist, (though Nemo did make it onto the NO NO NO!!! List.) I was looking for some somewhat Sci-Fi names and got a lot of More… well Sevish names… I should have known better. *Higgles.*

So… in the end I picked the only name I could… the one that Screamed at me and refused to go away in it’s absolute perfection… Lecococ, after the Minbari for ‘a small fish.’

I wub my Lecococ.


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