KoN – Freezing Bandits and Dead Orcs

So I headed out again to the Kingdoms of Novitas this weekend, this time carpooling with Strife, who has a car, but no license due to a thing… with a thing… and anyhow, it’s fun to have a passenger on long rides, and we shared Logistics as a bunkroom last month anyhow. This month we managed to snag two newly opened bunks upstairs in the main heated cabin with Q, which is awesome… None of the other D20 livebloggers play at Novitas, though Majere used to.

Once again I NPCed all weekend because I don’t have a PC yet, although I’m getting a good idea for what I want to play. I’m thinking of becoming an “Ornamenteer,” which is basically any and all craftspeople who are not armor, weapons or potions makers. I could apply my crafting skills to the character and that would be fun.

I didn’t get to hardly do any talking PC rules or anything like that since I spent most of my time running screaming and killing… well… dying… a lot.

NPC Roles of the Weekend:

  • Lumberjack (And that’s Ok)  – 1 Hit Point – Hooked plot successfully, paid PCs and left.
  • Stuck in Logistics for waaaaaaaaay…. to long because of the other NPCs which were wiping the floor with the players down by the lake.
  • Farmer wants a meal – 1 Hit Point – The Chicken’s Pretty Good.
  • Bandit – 2 Hit Points – Freeeeezing outside guarding the loot till PCs found us… and invited us to their fire.
  • Saturday Morning Orcs – 2 Hit Points – Sooooo many respawns.
  • Orcs with a Drum – 2 Hit Points – Died near the woods, then again in a field after respawn. “Stop Eating the Mushrooms!!!”
  • Ox Driver wants a Meal – 1 Hit Point – Nummy Hotdogs are Nummy.
  • 2nd/3rd Shift Change Cover Orcs – 2 Hit Points – Chased the PCs around for a while till they stopped ALL dissapating or casting sanctuary.
  • Dellan Barbarian – 2 Hit Points – Killed a couple times… following a man wearing a gold jock and nothing else, into battle.
  • Ooze – 3 Hit Points – Killed by a druid who didn’t even stop eating his meal.
  • Bandit – 2 Hit Points – Again Never Found by PCs… even tho we had a hook.
  • Zombie – 1 Hit Point – Killed, Respawned, Mortal Wounded but not killed, Got back up, Shambled Away Alive, then Killed Again, all while running with a Wraith that had some dead PC’s spirit hostage.
  • Traveler needs 2 Meals to Go – No Hit Points – Peanut butter Pork, a better idea than I thought.

So with the Lumberjack, I got to be a plot hook for the first time ever, which was cool. We went out and sent some PCs to go clean up the evil orcs that took over our camp while we were trying to fix their broken bridge, which is also broken. The Orcs with the drum bit was a little boring since some confused roofers and chickens were more interested in us than the PCs were. Following the gold-jock Dellan into battle was EPIC. Being an ooze was fun, especially since the PC didn’t quite grasp why smacking the crap out of only one of the NPCs in the ooze net wasn’t killing the whole ooze… being Bandits sucked again. Bandits never seem to encounter PCs. Poor Shen had to call it an evening during the Zombie run, and I went out of game as “Traveler needs two meals to go” to feed him, and missed 4th shift again.

I LOVE being Saturday morning orcs tho…. when I have a PC I totally want to be an NPC every Saturday morning still.

Off of my shopping list from last month all I managed to get was the gloves… the chopsticks got held up in the mail which was annoying as heck because I had to pass of them and my bowl to the leather worker who’ll be making my feastware strap, mug strap, and frog. I’ll have to mail the chopsticks to them because they ARE here now… so my list stands as follows. Crossed off things I either have, or have already ordered and such and only need to physically receive.

Novitas Shopping List:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Cloak Fabric
  • Brown Leather Gloves
  • Brown Leather Sword Frog
  • Calamacil “Megor” Short Sword
  • Belt Pouch
  • Coin Purse
  • Leather Armour
  • Brown Leather Mug Strap
  • Brown Leather Mess Strap
  • Plain Wooden Chopsticks
  • NPC Pants and Tunic (for when what I have becomes my PC Outfit.)
  • NPC Belt
  • NPC Dress (Because most of the ones they have just don’t fit me.)
  • NPC Boots (Black ones for when my brown ones just don’t go.)

I won’t need the lasts here till April, since I’m PCing at February Feast, and there’s only one shift so I won’t be NPCing then. Also the belt I THOUGHT would be my PC belt is now my NPC belt because my leather armour is going to have a kidney belt, so that’s taken care of.

Feb Feast is going to be pretty darned fun I think.


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