MM_Brand for Mackenzie!!!

MM_Brand Dress MM_Brand Pajamas MM_Brand Leggings, Shirt MM_Brand Leggings, Shirt MM_Brand, Leggings, Shirt MM_Brand, Hoodie Sweatsuit

It was a looooooooong wait but it was totally worth it! Mackenzie’s clothing order from early October from MM_Brand finally got here on Monday. I knew it was going to be delayed, was in communication with the shop the whole time. The seamstress was getting married, and of course you don’t rush a bride to be.

The quality of the clothes was well worth the wait, and she tossed in a free pair of acid was capris, the optional hat for the monkey PJs which I hadn’t paid for, and an absolutely ADORABLE periwinkle blue headband that I love to bits. I seriously want to buy more of them but they’re not listed in her shop and I’ve lost my job again. I’ll definitely be asking her for a custom order of some headbands when I have money again tho.

The multi-packs of plain shirts and leggings are a great deal. I got a three-pack of shirts and a six-pack of leggings, and they were well worth the price. I’m a real fan of the blue sweatsuit too, with it’s slotted hood that lets it go on without head removal. Click thru to Flickr for full details on each item!


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