It’s sad….

It’s really sad that Starburst is Closing I think… because it’s the only place I’ve been too where it’s socially acceptable for a 20 year old to partake in “The Chicken Dance” in public. Also the YMCA… *Sigh.*

I came home early, cause my feet are killing me. These new boots are breaking in pretty quick… but they’re breaking my foot in too. I’ve got some nice egg type bruises around my right ankle from steering around left hand turns… I’ve never realized just how much you use your right foot to turn left… but you do. I didn’t even chance reverse skate in these boots… cause yeah… impaired steering.

There was this cute little like, 7 year old boy who was learning to skate… but rather than hug the wall like you’d expect, he was out in the middle of the floor flailing around… but he was doing pretty good… and every time he wiped out he got right back up. I admire that in a kid… it’s perseverance.

I’m going to miss the Starbust.


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