Ring Ring Ring Ring Bannanaphone!!!

I wonder if anyone in this office has heard that song… it would be sort of ironic for someone to play it in this Ape themed area of the calling floor… what with everyone on phones. Yeah, I’m at work again… but Lyta (my laptop) wont talk to the web, so there we have it.

The interesting sounds guy has a Pacman thing going on today… not sure if he’s playing Pacman over there, or if he’s just set his computer to make pacman noises. It’s still nifty. I’m going on a tour in like, 8 minutes, to see the rest of the building with some other interns, and I get to run one of the carnival games at today’s fundraising carnival. We also got to dress down, which is cool, so I’m wearing my LnO “Chung! Chung!” shirt. I’ve had to explain it like… 10 times already.

I’m working on some nifty stuff in Photoshop on Lyta for wirk, since they haven’t got it installed on my desktop yet… that Key drive comes in really handy at a time like this. Still no e-mail. I’ve cranked out like, 9 of what I’m working on, for them to choose from and I’ll probably make more later… but yeah…

Starburst closed last night, for the last time. It was sad. I used up a whole disposable camera on it, since my folks wouldn’t let me bring the digital to the roller rink. After last all Skate, they played the “Cheers” theme, which was apropriate for the place, cause it really was like that… *Sniffle.* I’m going to miss the Roller Rink… I’ll write more about that later, and post the pictures I took after they’re developed and scanned…

Right then… I’m off to the tour now… ttyl!


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  1. admiralmemo says:

    Heh… I want someone to make a downloadable ringtone of that song.

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