Happy Holidays with Kenzie!!!

Happy Chanukah from Mackenzie!!! Not without my bear!!! Look at all the pwesents!!! Merry Christmas to All!!!! Festival of Lights A Shot with the Tree

Kenzie came with me this Holiday season on a trip to see my boyfriend’s family for the holidays, and we celebrated both Christmas and Chanukah.Thanks to a grievous postal error, her Christmas clothes, which were meant to be delivered to the out-laws house, were routed to a similar but incorrect address on the 24th, and then arrived at their house on the 26th after we left. They forwarded the envelope to my place tho.

So we did some Pajama shots for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning while we were down there, and a quick little photo shoot with a red shirt, which was ok, but I still missed the clothes that I had ordered for her.

Kenzie also came to the Latke Party hosted at my house on the last night of Chanukah, and to my parents house on New Years Day for a late Christmas gift exchange, wearing the Christmas clothes that had finally arrived.


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