Wiimote Makeovers!!!

Wiimotes are awesome, but they can be even more awesome than they are by default, with the right customization. I’m sure for many gamers, the aesthetics are not important so I’m going to start with the Nyko Charge Station… it’s made of awsome. They come in white and in black, and in two or four. I recently upgraded from the two to the four, and will be selling my two on eBay, with two of the new batteries from the four.

You can get extra batteries and backs in several rubber colors, separately. Below you can see my backs, including the solid black you can only get with the black charge station which is hella annoying, because what if you only have one black mote?

They don’t make backs for the pink, blue or limited edition colors of mote. You’ll have to customize if you want a good match for them. For my limited edition gold, I chose a grey back to customize and hit the white plastic with several very thin coats of Deco Art acrylic gold paint, and then some spray sealant (with tape over the rubber to protect it.) It’s not a perfect color match, but it looks much better than it had when it was white. Then the rubber was given a sheen with some metallic silver tulip fabric paint, which has a rubbery feel to it.

The next most awesome thing you can do for a Wiimote is to pick up a skin from DecalGirl.com. I have a real aversion to stickers… but these aren’t stickers, they’re thin sheets of vinyl with an adhesive that go on smooth and without any bubbles. They’re expertly cut and conform well to the shape of the motes and the chucks. Shown here are the Dark Fairy, the chuck decals only from Snow Leapord in the matte option, the Pulsar, and Aqua Tranquility. They have HUNDREDS of designs, which means you can likely pick one none of your freinds have so you always know which mote is yours when you bring them out to play at other people’s houses.

I cannot recommend this site and their products enough, for whatever electronics you have I also have a decal for my Wii Classic controller and one for my DS from them. They Rock.

And lastly… charms. Now I hit upon this idea because of my beloved Golden Triforce Wiimote, which, I cannot get enough of, and didn’t want to put a decal on because… that would cover the golden goodness, so I picked myself up a delightful Ocarina of Time cell phone strap charm from Kantan Creations and liberated it from it’s strap.

For my boyfreind’s black mote, as mentioned before I got this awesome little Megaman head from Egyptian Ruin, who also rocks. I need to feature review them.

So all you have to do to get the charms on the motes, is to liberate the charms from their original straps, like keychain loops from a set of keys, and then loop the ring over the hand strap while it’s off the mote, and then re-install. They fit in the Nyko docks even with the charms on, and yes, also into the Mario Cart wheels.

So you got some plain jane Wiimotes out there running thru all your batteries? Get out there and upgrade those suckers!!!


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