I’m Baaaaaaaaaack!!!!

Wonder where I’ve been?

Lyta blew up.

Her hard-drive was totally frelled and yeah… she’s dead. So now I have a new computer… this one is named Catilina. I had been considering “Zathrus” but it didn’t seem like a boy computer. It’s a girl computer… and Catilina (From Space Cases) was both a genius and insane…so it’s a perfect name for a computer.

I’m back at school now, with Cat… and I’ve been Skinning Again. Catilina Dissapeared from the Sims Exchange… but my newer upload seems to have at least some success… 6 dowloads in two days. Well 3ish… 2 and a half? But yeah, Simmers out there… go Get Olivia Benson. Looking at it a bit more I’m not sure the face is titaly right, but you can tweak that… you get for your download, her red and whit sweater combo, and a nice short hair with bangs type thing.


I had classes today… which are sort of interesting. My IT class turns out to be a lot of web coding… so it should be an easy A, unless the more complex PHP at the tail end of it gets to intense. And Animation 2 is gonna be cool… I just know that. *Grins. So the only class I haven’t had yet is Sr. Capstone. That’s tomorrow.

So yeah… checking back in… I have not dropped off the face of the earth. *Nods.* I’m around again…

Oh! And Check out, cadcampus.com, and autodeskpress.com for an interactive slidey add that I made for work. Also at delmarelectic.com… that one alternates with a “Stay Current” add. The DeWalt one is mine *Nods.*


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3 Responses to I’m Baaaaaaaaaack!!!!

  1. doctorchild says:

    Yay for not dropping off the face of the earth! *goes off to find your sims two skins*

  2. admin says:

    I’ll put mine back up. *Sighs.* Sims Exchange seems to clear it out every now and then because it doesn’t get high enough ratings. She’s only got two custom parts (hair and sweater).

    Sorry I don’t have an Elliot, but you can build Mulder and Scully with the game’s own set of parts. I’ve done it… Haven’t made any custom for those yet, though I made them custom for Sims 1 way back and have them on my old Sims 1 download site.


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