Your stupid minds. Stupid. Stupid.

I think I’m going to start wearing Angora Sweaters to work.

Well… if I can find one I can afford. And I’ll be doing this for 2 reasons:

1. It’s fracking FREEZING in that office.

2. The amount of re-writing and general “psh”ing of my work is making me feel an awful lot like Ed Wood, in that I want to storm off into another room and start screaming about how STUPID the people I work with are.

Yeah… I watched Ed Wood last night. Johnny Depp looks spectacular in a dress. *Loffs on him.* Yesh… so I’m a recent convert to the “I 3 Johnny” Club. The guy is terrificly attractive. Yes, he looked kinda scummy in PotC, and down right scary in “Secret Window” but every time you put him together with Tim Burton he cleans up VERY nicely. I returned “Ed Wood” and rented “Sleepy Hollow.” So I’m on a little Johnny Depp Kick. *Higgles.* I think I’m going to buy a copy of “Ed Wood” cause yesh… Johnny Depp in a Dress… Mmmmm….

Anyhow, back to the Angora Sweaters.

The guy in the next cubicle over from me has been called in to edit something I did earlier… because heaven forbid they give ME the feedback on my work and let ME do the changes to to code _I_ wrote… nuuuuu that would make SENSE. Why not give it to the fellow next to me, who can’t hand code to save his life, and then he shouts over the wall at me that my code is “crap” because he tried to edit it in Dreamweaver by just pulling on the tables, and everything didn’t automatically re-size like Dreamweavers self generated tables. I wanted to smack him with a bat. I mean for fecks sake, he complains about Dreamweaver… because he’d rather use Frontpage. FRONTPAGE.

He made a mess of my code and then tried to blame me.

And then there’s the woman our mutual boss likes to lend us to on occasion to do the weekly e-mailers. How did a computer illiterate woman wind up in the E-Marketing department? I have to explain to HER how to do things… it’s fracking rediculus. Then her computer doesn’t work and she freaks out… like it’s the file I sent her that screwed things up, but nooooooo… she’s gone and done lord only knows what to her computer on her own. This woman who can look at two things in Ariel Size 12, and say “Why are these different fonts?” THEY’RE NOT!!! Good God.

To Quote the Movie: “They’re driving me CRAZY! These [people] are stupid. Stupid. STUPID!”


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3 Responses to Your stupid minds. Stupid. Stupid.

  1. Frontpage….eek…*cringes*
    I understand if someone would want to use something other than notepad, but frontpage? Brrr!

    Haven’t used dreamweaver though, so I wouldn’t know how good/bad it is. Easy-html is a nice program, though it’s been a while since I last used it. Oh and it’s free, something that’s often a plus for me when it comes down to picking software. [/mode Dutchie] 😛

  2. colossus716 says:

    I like Dreamweaver — Its interface is not clunky, it give lots of options with customizable interface, site syncing is great, and it generates relatively simple code.

    • admin says:

      I like Dreamweaver too, for what it’s worth, it’s great for thing sI couldnt’ othersied doo, like embedding flash, and the ability to switch instantly from code to page veiw ish a valuable tool. I just don’t trust any software to write my code for me. I hand code everything in Dreamweaver’s code window. *Nods.* But halwfit thinks FRONTPAGE is better *Gacks.*


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