Horay For Me! It’s EOP!!!

So yesh, last night I had auditions for Evening of Performance… I though I might have overheard one of the directors (student directors) saying something nice about me to another, but I rarely trust my ears on such things, especially when he could very well have been speaking of anyone who’s name ends in “isa” like Melissa or Clarisa… or sommat… fecked if I know… anyhow I wasn’t sure he was talking about me, could have been wishful thinking (not like THAT now *scowls at certain people,* he’s quite nice, but also quite attached) but I think now he was, because I’ve been cast in his show. EOP for non RPIers… is Evening of Performance… 3 one act plays, in one night.

Anyhow I’ve been cast, apparently, in a play about two lesbians, Sarah and Jane, who hire an actor to play their boyfriend when their parents come to visit… like Three’s Company, screwed over… and I’ve been cast as Jane’s mother… which I think is highly ironic, all things considered… (I’m assuming based on what little dialog I’ve read that I’m to be playing a bit of a homophobe… but when I read for her I played her for comic effect so, it’s not all bad….) oh, and yesh, the play takes place in London, so Hoorah for my Fake British Accent!!!

Tonight is also the night I have tickets to that Mythbusters Seminar thinger… I’ll miss my SVU reruns… but… who cares? It’s the Mythbusters… in PERSON… I’d blow off my Mythbusters Reruns if members of the SVU cast showed up at my school to give a seminar… ok… only if Mariska was there, but… yeah.


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